Is it just me . . .

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by JohnP, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. . . . or has it been really quiet here lately? I know summer is here now, and traditionally online activities like forums go down. What's everyone up to these days?
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  2. I've been living at my church doing outreaches into the community and church body. Have had, and probably will have limited internet access for a few more weeks.
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  3. Awesome stuff, Klub!
  4. I was thinking the same, JohnP... it does seem
    quiet on the forums lately.
  5. It's not just you (obviously, as has been shown in other comments). When I first joined this site, it was on fire, with more than ten notifications for me every day on average. It's silent now. Guess there's not too many topics to be discussed right now.
  6. It has been quieter in here lately, I have noticed that too. I think people are just busy. I myself am busy packing and preparing for my move. I will be back posting more often soon, when I am finished moving.
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  7. Good luck with that! I have never found moving to be very fun. :)
  8. Lol yah, I agree.
  9. Yeah, like I mentioned, things usually slow down on the forums in the summer. It'll pick back up again!
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  10. I've just been quiet. Recharging the batteries I guess.
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  11. To all our forum friends... Statistically, the time period late May to early September is a low activity time at most forums, not just CFS. Family responsibilities and work related scheduling keeps many persons busy who would normally be here fellowshipping and sharing during the rest of the year.

    While it may be a quiet time here at the Forum for members, the staff has seen an increase in attempts by spammers and undesirables to gain access to CFS. This is common this time of the year because spammers and undesirable persons know that there is less member participation and they think that there is also less moderation. That concept is their downfall. With our staff tools available to us, rarely does someone like that get past our multi-layered security. We wish to keep CFS a safe and friendly place for Christians to gather and our full staff is on the job keeping CFS running smoothly.

    Even though many regulars are not stopping by CFS as often as usual, please feel free to invite your friends and relatives to join us at CFS to enjoy the posts that are being placed here at the forum.

    May God Bless.
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  12. Im taking summer classes
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  13. Well, I just stayed away for a few days and everyone is feeling bored :D LOL! Now I am back on the site, please don't be worried..

    Just kidding.. May be family is taking precedence for many.. I hope so..
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  14. Its now winter here.
    Was busy planting everything before winter really sets in.
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  15. Seems to me that the only "busy" threads are the ones where everyone is trying to prove their own point. So there is not a lot of uplifting and edifying threads going on. So i tend to just stay out of those threads, because the people that are arguing about who is right, just pass one up...who is trying to bring a different perspective or the truth of the Word into the conversation.

    Just my two cents.
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  16. People may also be on holiday... (y)
  17. Hey Cturtle, If you want to start an uplifting and edifying thread I'd be happy to join you there! :cool::LOL:
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  18. Ya know i do have something that i believe that God wants i will put it together shortly :)

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  19. Yea it seems people wanna post doom and gloom.
    So depressing...
  20. Heh, I opened a thread and no one bothers with it.

    I am enjoying this summer with my husband home full time now, and the sunshine and my garden!
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