Is it better to read a paper back bible or read online?

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  1. My question really lazy to read an online bible rather than a paper back bible you can hold..

    Should u just read a paper back if you have one?..

    I just want to know if preferring the online version is lazy ...thats all.
  2. There is no difference in power between the words God has inspired for us set on paper or electronically read.
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  3. Hello Pancakes,
    Nope not lazy at all. Just remember though, juty like a paper back or a bible that you can hold, ( which you can hold your online device ) lol........Any way just make sure it is a reputable source that you are reading.

    Enjoy my sister, enjoy
    God Bless
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  4. Yah ^_^... Just making sure its not lazy ..sorta like..kneeling and praying vs in bed,under the covers praying...

    Just seeing which I best.
  5. I know ytou did not ask this question here Pancakes but we have the right and actually be free to pray any time in anything we are doing. Getting on your knee's is a humbling event (lack of better word) that we do before our God. Now this does not say we must, we must we must or were gonna bust but there will be times when one knows that they know they need to hit the floor and bury their face in the carpet before God.

    Now then we all need a prayer closet of some type. It would be nice if we all could have this wonderful most Holy feeling upper room to go and hide and pray but - we don't so we make do with what we have. For me ( now dont laugh to hard sister ) the shower has become my private prayer closet........Thank God water is included in the rent. :cool:

    Pancakes please do not allow any one to get you all caught up in things like which way you should rest your tongue when you pray or should we part our hair on the left or right or do I have to sound like a monk in wording my prayers. Stick to His word - you can't go wrong.

    Oh and no mam I did not think you were doing this - just a thought I wanted to share with my sister after reading what she wrote.
    Oh and you are blessed....and you have the right to act like it too.
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  6. In terms of the power of the word, it is all the same, be it from a paper bible, or an electronic one. However, you should have a paper bible, there is no reason not to, and more than enough reason to have one.

    What if the electricity goes out for multiple days at a time? Or if you don't have access to electricity at a given point in your life. Plus, it is a heck of a lot easier to turn pages in a bible than scroll through them on a tablet.
  7. It is really your preference.. Are you comfortable with searching, browsing, taking notes with paper or electronic version? There is no harm in using either one of them. See what will help you more.. If someone is saying it has to be only paper Bible, they better go back to even original version.. Scrolls from dead sea!! ROFL :D
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  8. Lol @ scrolls haha..very both methods are ok :)
  9. I read both because sometimes my bible is at my desk which is literally two steps from my bed so i'll just use my tablet which is normally beside me :ROFLMAO:
    But I love reading the paper back. I love reading all books that way. Its easier for me to make notes as i'm reading. But I don't see why either way would be wrong. It's just up to personal preference I guess. I love making my life as simple as possible,so i'll usually just grab the one closest to me :D

  10. Oooo yes I do the same thing to, except I pray outside the shower, as I live with my parents and water is not included in my "rent":ROFLMAO: And I don't want to end up homeless :LOL:.
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  11. Oh yea when I was staying with my mom a few years back - take your shower now and get wet later. rofl Nah it was not quite that bad. lol
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  13. Well they taught us in the army to eat now and taste your food later. That is their motto you know -Hurry Up and Wait...........
  14. It's funny! but if you think about it, same argument/debate would have happened centuries ago.. When printing press came into picture.. I wonder if people debated whether it was appropriate to read Bible in the form of paper or scrolls are the true form of Bible and people should use only that :D

    I think this will keep on coming as technology advances.. The amazing thing is, the Word of God stands so firm in the midst of all these.. I saw YouTube video.. I think it's called Bible history in 5 minutes or something.. It is amazing how God preserves His Message through centuries..
  15. Agreed!
  16. Been there and done that!!!!!
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  17. Either is fine I'm sure. They say reading on a device messes with your sleep cycles, but I'm hopped up on caffeine 90% of the time anyway.
    I have two KJVs on my Kindle, one is the study version. I still have a printed one but to me the navigation, searching, notes & such are easier on the Kindle IMHO.
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  18. Its not lazy to read to read it online. in may case its better and way more active. i learn so much more,because as i have questions i can easily go to google and ask that question and find helpful information. thin go right back to where i was reading.
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