Is God your AUTHORITY?

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  1. I cannot say that I "study" the scriptures. I was never one for studying anything to be honest. I do however read them and have read through the Bible once and have read many of the books of the Bible more than several times. Starting on July 1 of this year I will be a two year Bible reading plan in my Lutheran Study Bible. I will add a few more readings to it such as a chapter in Psalms, Proverbs, the New Testament starting with John and then onto Matthew and straight through the New Testament, as well as a chapter in the Apocrypha each day.

    I am also not a teacher, Lord knows that I am not a teacher. There are people far more qualified than I to teach others. I will have my hands full with my two children as they get older. Right now they are 2 1/2 years and 4 months. I do have five other children, but they are 1200 miles away and their mother doesn't want me to tell them anything about Jesus. I do not need to go to war with my ex-girlfriend, so I abide by her decision in the matter.
  2. I am not a teacher, I read and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom to understand God's will. All studying is. Reading God's word and when you find a passage that puts you in mind of a passage you have already read on that subject ,go back and compare their context. Anytime that you point out any of God's word to someone you are teaching.
    You will learn to show God's will by your actions . Speaking is not the only way we teach God's will / word.
    Keep up your studies ,
    Remember that you can ask questions about God's word ,but you and only you can please God by doing His will .
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  3. If one is a BELIEVER, one is a citizen of heaven already. You cannot lose heaven by being disobedient in some thing---and anyone who suggests such a thing is governed by a works for salvation mindset, which counters the true gospel message of Jesus Christ.
  4. Are you saying we must use other scripture to "read into" and understand what, "What shall we do?", actually means and infers? In the context, the only clue as to the attitude of those asking the question is that they were "cut to the heart". I understand that to be remorseful or guilt-ridden but not confessing Jesus as their Lord. Does the new believer need to say, confess or profess Jesus as the Son of God and their Savior?

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