Is God your AUTHORITY?

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  1. Is what you believe or how you worship approved of God ?
    How many church's/ bodies of Christ are written in the word of God?
    In 1 Corinthians ,Paul speaks to this issue.
    Denomination -" A religious organization whose congregations are united in their adherence to IT'S beliefs and practices. ( Will God except Matthew18:19 for their beliefs and practices when they are judged in the judgment day.
    Most people believe that most denominations teach what will allow them to receive an eternal home with God . Many people believe that any "Church " will get them to heaven.
    Do you believe that as long as you feel good there that you are being lead by the Holy Spirit and that what you are being told is the true will of God? Please consider what Paul wrote ( by The Holy Spirit ) in Philippines 3, Acts 23 , 1Timothy 4 and Titus 1and2 , a feel good conscience will not guarantee that you are right. Paul was very very sure and felt that he was doing the will of God , his conscience was clear ,until he was was proven wrong be the Truth.
    I believe that baptism is essential to cleanse me of my sins and is not a work.
    Others believe that baptism is a work and is not required for sslvation.
    Will both of us be saved and spend eternity with God or will neither of us be saved.
    * Note - by definition even the Catholics are a denomination.
    I am able to prove by a single scripture what you believe , all scriptures are combined together are Gods words and must be put together in order to understand the the WHOLE TRUTH. A single scripture quoted out of context isn't proof of God's ( will,command ,requirements)
  2. To be totally honest with you "Truth", it seems to me that you work real hard to make simple things very confusing.

    IF you want to believe that baptism is essential to be saved then go right ahead and believe it.

    I do not believe it for one second. Since YOU do believe it I would encourage you to get out more often into the REAL world
    where the blood and dirt of life come together.

    Have you ever been in combat TRUTH????
    Have you ever held the hand of a dying man???
    Have you ever led someone to Christ who was on their death bed with cancer and could not lift their head???

    If you believe that a man MUST be baptized in order to be saved, then that man accepts Christ in church on Sunday and dies of a heart attack that night before he was wet......then you need to worry and study more about the Scriptures on the GRACE and LOVE of God for all of us my dear brother.
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  3. Please tell me when the thief on the cross was baptised as I can't find it anywhere.
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  4. I do not consider Catholicism a Christian denomination, but rather it is a religion unto itself.

    Baptism cannot save anyone. It is an ordinance we participate in as believers already, in obedience to God.
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  5. And that is a correct statement on both accounts.
  6. Really ? How can this be used as an example ? Thats like saying the man on his death bed gave his heart to God then dies 3 minutes later...I did not see where he got baptised....
    See what I am saying here ?
  7. No Jim, I don't see what you are saying.
    We have no evidence whatsoever that your death bed example found salvation. He is unable to produce any visible fruit of righteousness.
    In contrast, the thief (who also could deliver no fruit) clearly did find life and entered paradise just as Jesus promised. The thief is thus a good demonstration that baptism is not an issue when it comes to our eternal state, and he is the specific evidence we can use for your death bed scenario.
    The thief simply humbled himself before Jesus. No sinners prayer, no baptism etc.
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  8. You must be joking !!
    Thats all I have to say.
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  9. Please help me, what have I said that is wrong here?
  10. FD,
    This thinking is what I was looking at.......
    ((We have no evidence whatsoever that your death bed example found salvation. He is unable to produce any visible fruit of righteousness. )))

    1. If the death bed person repented and asked God into their heart then NO QUESTION they were saved and born again AND the moment they asked Gods spirit went into them.
    2. With the thinking you wrote above is as ...hey we dont see this death bed repentance showing us any fruits of righteousness that we can see so we can not say they got saved.

    How does that work ?
    No Brother, it is quite simple you ask- you receive. Salvation is at hand.
    God Bless
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  11. To know God's authority for us today we must know when the law of Moses was changed and when Christ Kingdom was established, these will also help us to rightly divide the scriptures .
    Christ forgave the thief on the cross before He Died for our sins. This was under the law of Moses .
    When Paul had been praying for 3 days ,I believe that he had faith in Jesus Christ .
    Jesus Christ spoke to him .He still had his sins .He was told to be baptized to WASH AWAY HIS SINS . Was he told to be baptized because he needed a bath or was it for the reason that is stated TO WASH AWAY YOUR SINS . Why would Ananias ask Paul to have a believes baptism before Paul had eaten.
    James would be a book to read for faith only believers. It is true that no amount of works we do will ever take us to Heaven or can even give us a way to Heaven . The only way we will ever be allowed to go to Heaven will be by the GRACE OF GOD !
    I believe that God requires us be baptized to have our sins washed away .Many believe that baptism is a work .
    We will all know the Truth on judgment day .
    Do all denominations teach the true word of God , they all say that they do?
    Is any church excepted by God , they all say they are?
    They all teach something different , are they all following the will of God ?
    Should I go with my feelings to know if I am in the right church , if I feel that my church is filled with the Holy Spirit but they do not teach what you teach are both of our churchs teaching by the authority of God ?
  12. Paul was told to be baptized to represent the washing away of His sins, because he had activated his faith and his sins were washed away by the action of the shed blood of Jesus on the cross.

    No one's sins are washed away by the waters of baptism. It is symbolic, just as the communion elements of wine and bread are symbolic. You really do need to make an adjustment in your understanding of the word and the way in which a person is saved. Get into the word and ask Holy Spirit to teach you the truth about this.
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  13. Where does to represent the washing away , I missed that portion of that verse. The Holy Spirit must have made an error in His wording .
    What about the rest of my previous post .
    Will any church teaching be exceptible or my feeling that the Holy Spirit is in my church .
    What about the thief on the cross ?
    Please respond to all of those posts .
  14. Euphemia, you are in error - Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.
  15. Jim, we are both singing from the same hymn sheet so don't get your nickers in such a twist. Maybe my English irony went over your head.

    I wrote my first comment (No3) as the scriptural PROOF of what you have just said because that is precisely what I believe. I was perplexed when you of all people reacted so adversely.
    I asked when the thief was baptised because we all know he wasn't, yet Jesus made it clear that he would see him in the heavenly realm. Thus he must have been born again without baptism.

    Then you implied in comment No6 that I was rejecting death bed conversions because they hadn't been baptised???????

    I replied in comment No7 that the death bed conversion was different only in that there was no visible proof/fruit (other than faith) which is absolutely correct. The only proof we have is our complete trust in what Christ has clearly illustrated by what happened with the thief on the cross.
    Anyone deriding such conversions is also denying what Jesus said to the thief. That should have been clear by my detailed explanation in comment No7 but you continued to argue against me in your reply No8, leaving me even more perplexed.

    The thief on the cross is the very proof of death bed conversions, and also the inoculation against all those who want to make people jump through their particular doctrinal hoops in order to enter heaven.
    Please read everything again, and tell me if I am wrong.
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  16. If I can't have faith that the words that the Holy Spirit wrote are the correct words and I must insert words to make the scriptures correct- (BEILEVERS)baptism ,
    (REPRESENTIVE )washing away of sins
    ( BELIEVERS ) prayer
    faith ( ONLY ) -
    How do I know when to add and when not to add ?
    Romans 6 through baptism we are buried with Jesus Christ and are raised in a new life ( born again)
    Col. 2:12 we are buried with Jesus Christ in baptism and risen with Him ( born again )
    Acts 2:38 baptism for the remission of sins .
    Acts 22:16 baptism to wash away his sins.
    James makes it very clear that even Abraham did works.
    1Th. 1:3 faith is a work
    1Th. 1:11 faith is a work
    All of the scriptures must be combined to represent the whole authority of God and to know how to rightly divided His word .
  17. I understand that when you have been taught by your parents and grandparents and friends to believe what they were taught and to then think that they may be wrong is not easy.
    Heaven is for eternity ,hell is also for eternity ,which one will you choose . To obey God and do His will or do what you thought was right and spend eternity in torment .
    Come judgment day it will be to late .
    God wishes for everyone to enter Heaven but few their be that find it . If you are not one of the saved ,I pray that God will have mercy on you .
    Thank God for this format to allow everyone on it to post what they believe is His way to Heaven . We can never be saved by any or many works but by obeying the requirements that God has spelled out in the Holy Scriptures and even if we do everything He asks us to do ,it is only by His GRACE that we are able to enter HEAVEN and Praise Him forever .
  18. Its the littlethings that arte not said until several replies that makes things tricky such as
    no visible proof/fruit (other than faith) which is absolutely correct.
    Other then faith wass not in what I replied to that you quoted.
  19. "Its the littlethings that arte not said until several replies........"
    Jim, from my very first comment (No3) against the original thread, it should have been abundantly clear that I opposed baptism as a means of eternal life. That's why I quoted the thief on the cross, because we all know he wasn't baptised.

    The thief is the very proof text that validates death bed conversions and silences doubts. It also makes a nonsense of all the hoops that religious people demand we jump through to enter eternal life.
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  20. No you were not clear. Go back read.

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