Is God Trying To Get Peoples Attention Through Film?

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  1. Slmost back to back, Son of God,heaven is for real, Noah, God is not dead seemed to come out back to back..i dont think its a coincidence,

    He is coming back soon.

    What r ur thoughts?
  2. my thoughts is the movie "Noah" has nothing to do with God .. LITERALLY ..
  3. the movie was made by an atheist to promote taking God out of the equation ..
    if you saw the movie I ask .. WHEN do they even mention God ???
  4. They mentioned God all throughout the movie.. 67 times.
  5. They say creator not God, if I'm correct
  6. But they should of said Yahweh right?
  7. If being that technical the entire movie shouldn't have been in english
  8. I agree. They also should of had a little bit more of a tan. I googled middle eastern people, and they have brown skin.
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  9. ____________________________________________

    Maybe the movie was made in English to reach middle eastern people!
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  10. Greetings:

    No...(books are you're friends)
    All film is Satanic.If one can't stop and pause to ask a question,then your mind can be controlled.Your eyes should follow your
    heart,if your heart follows your eyes,lust and covetousness is your destiny.

  11. Mind control at a movie. Interesting.
  12. Sometimes I go to movies just to take naps. The last movie I did that with was called monument men or something.
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  13. You can, you can hit the 'pause' button on your dvd/blu-ray player and ask yourself all sorts of questions if need be. All film being satanic is a weird notion. Also, with your logic, books are no more your friend than film. Books can promote lustful thoughts just as your eyes can see lustful actions. There is only one book that is your friend, and I think you know which one I'm referring to. :)
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  14. Greetings:

    There are lots of Pornaddicts Anonymous help groups but I never heard of a...Bad Books group.
    People who don't drink,don't get drunk.People who don't watch film don't have porno problems.Yes,there are dirty-picture
    addicts,but they are going the way of the dinosaur,Satan is coming in for the kill with a big harpoon,thank God that (He) is pulling
    us out soon.

    Moby,time to get back on land...
  15. God can use everything and anything to reach His children or soon-to-be children.....look up testimonies online and you will see the many creative ways God has gotten man's attention and saved him (and became Lord!). Whatever it takes for the gathering of the little flock He will do. :)
  16. A movie not mocking Noah is definitely for God. How is it not?

    Now we just need Samson, Paul, Esther, John and a proper Moses. They would all be blockbusters!

    Samson > Hercules. Paul > Da vinci code. John > Rambo. Moses > Harry Potter. Esther > Titanic. :D
  17. There were a couple of songs when I was young man: they were not Biblically accurate, but I believe they could have sown the seed of God's existence in some hearts. Like: "The Tall Oak Tree", and "The Garden of Eden".
  18. Im gonna post; the link to these movies, Im sure you've see the commercial for Noah but probably not God is notdead, I justsaw that on my way out to school one day :p

    #God's not dead :(info/College student Josh Wheaton's faith is challenged by his philosophy professor, who believes God does not exist)
  19. * didn't mean to do the sad face meant " : ( ' to seperate info

    # heaven is for real ; ( A small town father must find the courage and conviction to share his son's experience with the world)
  20. * didn't mean to do the sad face meant " : ( ' to seperate info

    # heaven is for real ; ( A small town father must find the courage and conviction to share his son's experience with the world)

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