Is God Showing Me This?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Polly, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. I am afraid to go outside nowdays. Why? There is a reason that hurts me:

    I keep seeing everyday lovely guys of my type with their promiscuous-looking Barbie queenbee girlfriends. This really hurts me so much. I never saw these things before, but now I see this same rubbish everyday... :(

    Is God showing me things like this? If so, why? It's not fun that I see this... This makes me very insecure and I start to doubt that what if there's no such guy for me...

    And then I met like 2 guys of my type in the dating websites, but then came a problem with both guys: they immediately started talking about sex to me and they lusted about me...

    I really hope there is a lovely peaceful born again Christian guy who is older than me and AT LEAST 6"1/185cm tall and has black long hair and pale or light skin for me too, and not for promiscuous looking Barbie queenbees... :( And ofcourse I will get the one I want someday because God respects the person's taste in the opposite gender and He doesn't do things like "oh this man is the appropriate one for Polly but he is not her type but Imma send this dude to her anyway". I know it because at the Calvary Chapel a Finnish guy who is married to an American woman said that his wife is the one he always wanted and he asked God for his type of woman, so that guy got the woman he wanted. And then I've been told that a man asked for a Christian Asian woman and he got that Christian Asian woman. I am really attracted to my type of guy and I cannot imagine myself being with a guy who is not my type no matter how nice he is or how much he likes me...

    Can anyone tell that is there any peaceful guy with black long hair and pale or light skin who is older than me and AT LEAST 6"1/185cm tall who is also a born again Christian in this world who is single? No, not in this site, but in the whole world. And I am also attracted to Japanese guys with black long hair too... How many of guys what I describe exist in this world? Yes, most of them what I describe are goths or metalheads, but goths and metalheads are NOT always Satan worshippers or something, I know Christian goths and metalheads...
  2. When you are 40 years old, you may not want those attributes in a guy anymore. Think long term.
  3. No, this won't change. Don't tell me that who should I fall in love with.
  4. You're going to get banned.
  5. Don't tell God who you will and won't love, either. Until you come to that place where God is everything to you and that you trust Him with your very life, He won't be sending you anyone---because He loves that man too much to allow him to be hurt or saddled with someone who is not completely sold out to God.
  6. I just need to talk about this because I wonder that why do I keep seeing the same rubbish everyday about a guy of my type with a promiscuous-looking Barbie queenbee girlfriend...
  7. Yeah but I don't need your advice about a random weirdo who is not my type at all... I will never fall in love with anyone who is not my type. And excuse me, but are you saying that that man will get hurt because I am a bad believer? That's blasphemy.
  8. Correction: you don't WANT the advice.

    It isn't blasphemy! :LOL:
  9. 999 trillion red X marks to that post.
  10. You have the responsibility as a Christian to guard your heart and mind and you can do that by not allowing yourself to feast your eyes on things that are not right or are causing your thought life to suffer and/or veer off into thoughts that are not pleasing to God.
  11. Then, I guess you just want people to say things that you like, not speak the truth.
  12. No, just I don't want to hear rubbish that God will send me some random weirdo who is not my type but that I will eventually fall in love with that random weirdo because He does NOT choose the spouse by Himself and I can prove it.
  13. Please quote anyone who has said that God will send you a random weirdo. If you can't, then you need to stop repetitively saying that.
  14. Because most men like sluts. Get over it.
  15. Easy. You. Because you say that no one is sure about the taste in men so God sends someone who is not expected. That means random. I'll never fall in love with anyone else than a guy of my type...
  16. I never said anything about a random weirdo! LOL! Keep looking.

    God often sends us mates that are a surprise to us, and not according to our personal view of what we should have. It is wonderful to find the love of our life no matter who it is, especially when God sends him/her! Specially created, and sent special delivery!
  17. This is why I don't like girls who look like: Blake Lively, Hayden Panettiere, Iggy Azalea, Amber Heard, and girls who look like those typical queenbees who steal crushes and boyfriends. Innocent looking girls like Emma Watson are way cooler.
  18. No, that's not true and especially not because I don't want a surprise guy. It's not funny. Weird surprises I don't like are not funny. God will send me the one I want and I know it because the guy at my Calvary Chapel got the wife he wanted and asked for, and I've been told that one guy got a Christian Asian woman because he asked for a Christian Asian woman. And what you are saying IS the soulmate theory. Don't be noncommittal.
  19. External attributes do not mean what you think they mean. You are judging people for how they look.

    How do you look?
  20. Don't hold your breath.
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