Is God A Crutch For The Weak

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  1. I constantly hear this and it annoys me so much. I hate it when people patronize me by saying that "It's ok to believe if it helps you live your life" or "You only believe because you want to. This is sooooo frustrating to me. I think what people need to realize is that I don't believe because I'm weak or can't deal with reality. In my opinion god is REALITY. In fact I would go as far to say that being a christian does nothing to help me with my pain. To me religion is a set of beliefs that comes with rules. It does not help me with "my pain" and it may actually cause even more stress for me.
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  2. Waaaaalllll, they are right about this, depending upon if you are Reformed or Arminian. If you are Reformed, bless G-d, He chose you!

    ...But then, if you are Arminian, you are So Fortunate that you chose Him!

    Bless you, you are in great standing, even if they say those things with a self-exalting sneer!
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  3. To be honest he did come for those that are weak, he chooses the foolish things to confound the wise.
    In all, everyone is weak.... its just believers acknowledge this and welcome God into their life while non believers think they're using their own strength when in reality God rain his kindness on the just and unjust.

    We all are weak. Everyone..the difference, some realize this while others don't...but God makes us strong.
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  4. Is God A Crutch For The Weak?

    For many He is. For many, atheism allows them to avoid dealing with their own perceived short comings.
    It is always simpler just to assume that whatever failings the person may have don't matter.

    I have found that cowardice is a strong driver for many. Whether it manifests as a desire for God to solve all your problems or as a desire for the problems to be meaningless in the long run.
  5. Brian I agree with your OP, because if you're a true Christian ..things only get harder.
  6. For many, yes. For others, He is where all reason and logic pointed to -- I'd put myself in that category.

    If I wanted to believe in something just to be happy, I'd continue to believe in Santa Claus, which made me happy when I was younger. But truth trumps happiness. And no matter what tragic events I've dealt with or will deal with in the future, that doesn't change an objective truth.

    I simply don't have enough faith to be an atheist.
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  7. I totally agree with . From all of the evidence that I've seen god is a perfectly logical answer for the begining.

    I've noticed that atheists usually say quite a few things regarding this. The first is "we don't know what it is" and they also state that it cannot be god. (Some even say there could be a god) Others will state that the universe created itself or another universe created it. The funny thing is that i actually agree that there are multiverses and God might simply be in a multiverse. As for the universe creating itself I'm not convinced.
  8. Ya I've noticed being a Christian has actually added stress. It's not all that bad though. I meet plenty of nice people at my church and there are some really nice christians on youtube.
  9. I don't know if it's possible to be weak and Christian, unless you were born yesterday. I don't think this wallowing weakness, that is so popular in the modern church, is of God.

    Those in Christ are strengthened in Christ, even to the point of no longer living, but Christ is living in the Christian.
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  10. You could reply, "If you need to believe in accidental existence so your worldview doesn't fall apart, that's ok. God's not a tyrant. He lets you believe what you want."
    You will definitely get a response from that!
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  11. There is truth in that. You believe as that is where you place your faith.

    You use your freewill to place faith into God.

    Nothing wrong or incorrect about that statement.

    Sometimes we have to look at the words being said and remove the emotions that cloud our perceptions.

    The King told us whatever we place faith into that we will have.

    I place it in Grace, that I will have. And what a fantastic thing to have.
    I place it also in his commands, so I will have that too.

    We want to believe and so we do.

    Remove the baggage of them not understanding your faith and just let the words cause you to say yes I believe.

    You do not have to take their patronising voice. You have God's voice saying, just keep going.
  12. Actually things get easier.

    Hard is evil. It is very hard to be evil.

    Hard on your heart because you're never really at rest.
    Hard on your mind, think of all those lies you have to remember just to operate. All the worry of will someone find you
    Hard on your rest. Sleep doesn't come easy to the wicked. They always must think in the back of their head am I safe? Is everything locked, do I have my back against the wall and my face to the door while I sit in a restaurant just in case some one is out for me?
    Hard on your relationships. Who have I misused and now they will seek revenge? How many more lies must I make up to cover the other lies? How long before s/he figures out I've been lying all along?

    It is just so hard. Then you have the fact that people will turn against you frequently. Then you have God to have to deal with on top of that. Whether they believe or not, it is in the back of their heads. Maybe those weirdo Christians are right! Maybe I'll go to hell! They can't be right. No way. It must be untrue. It is all crap. Isn't it?

    Doubt, conflict in the body, mind and heart. Very tiring. Very hard.

    Whereas what do we really have that is hard?

    People that persecute us. That's it really.

    We do not doubt God, we know he is good and faithful.
    We do not doubt Grace and life everlasting.
    We follow his commands and he follows them too, we're OK.
    The worst that can happen is that we die from this world. And GO to a better one.

    Wow seems pretty easy. Even the rules are easy. Just two of them. Two.

    I think we have it pretty good really.

    Sure the day to day can be a slough. But overall we have it pretty good in God.
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    I disagree, Paul had numerous trials which ended in death, Stephen was stoned, David had two sons to die..... and Jesus life wasn't peachy.
    So I don't agree..
  14. Religion is what put Jesus on the cross... "Religion" is man's attempt at understanding the mysteries of an Entity they can never know or understand while searing their conscience with a hot iron. Spiritual wisdom is given to those that are His to not only understand God Almighty but to live with Him, interact with Him and give us all we need to do His will! Praise God! :ROFLMAO: :D
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  15. You're both right. Life is physically harder for a Christian (due to persecution), but mentally easier for a Christian (through blessed assurance).
  16. No. Rejection of God is what put Jesus on the cross.

    Trying to know God causes us be callous? In reality, sin and exposure to sin, causes us to be callous. Paul says that a seared conscience is caused by deceitful spirits and teachings of demons (Paul gives the example of those who teach kosher eating, kosher is antichristian).
  17. I would say it ''appeared'' that Paul was suffering. Just like Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego. People like Paul and Steven were close to God. Close to God = our eyes are on Him in our suffering.

    I liked how you said 'Jesus's life wasn't peachy' ;) :giggle:. For sure, we will suffer because of Him.
  18. When you hear these things, it is in actual fact them speaking to Jesus. That is what they tell God every-time the Holy Spirit tries to get through to them. The unsaved spit out all their insecurities and 'self justification' on us. We are the light.

    Imho, those saying that are not that lost. There are worse things they could say.
  19. I agree with Pancakes and Glo. Just another way to see it. We all have a crutch. Can you think of a single person that has not got some or other sort of crutch?
  20. What did God tell Paul about his weakness?

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