Is Getting Baptised Needed?

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  1. It would not be right for a brother Christian who believes there was one in their mist who has Biblical error to not point that out. It would be the same thing as seeing a fallen person along side of the road and just passes them by without offering help. Even if that person was not looking for help. What good are we if we just let things slide by? Do we think God will over look our inactions to let that person continue along their way without giving them what they needed? If we really pulled off the blanket completely and exposed all of the Catholic beliefs system you would for sure have a very hard time defending it here.
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  2. Well the fact is, that there was no great conflict on this site about this issue (to my knowledge) until you made it an issue.
  3. I think that's the heart of the discussion -- the hope that one will have an understanding that they could be in the fullness of God.

    But in response to that second part of your statement, and I don't mean this facetiously, if you saw the truth of Catholicism, not what is sensational or what you only grew up with being the bare minimum, you'd understand. It takes a lot of time to be able to see it as Protestants because we don't want to offend God -- it's the last thing we want. I haven't abandoned my Christianity when I became a Catholic. I've become even more of a Bible Christian and an Evangelical than ever before. I've taken what I was and went on with it.

    I don't say this in trying to expose anything or anyone.
  4. If you'd like, we can let it go and move forward. I don't see the point in doing anything if it can't be done in charity. That's why I had to apologize earlier -- I stand by everything I said, but the motive behind a few posts were out of frustration, not love.
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  5. I do not think you are here by accident. I can see the Lord bringing you here so you can examine yourself to see if you really are in the faith, even if you do not see it that way.
  6. I can never turn away truth. I hope God continues to show himself to me through everyone.
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  7. Amen! Load, lock.....Fire.
  8. I accept the personal faith of many, I do not and cannot accept that some groups represent "the" faith...if that makes sense? On an individual level and according to the personal faith of some, I can have fellowship and accept the sincere desires that I see to be pleasing to God. When that is framed within a system that I cannot approve, then that's when issues seem to come about for me. Like my brother Major and I agree on many very important issues, but if either of us demand that the other accept the traditions we cannot accept, it would cause a great conflict between us. I don't see Major as a S. Baptist etc... I see him as a brother and in that context we can have fellowship even with our differences
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  9. I don't want you to feel as though I'm trying to force anything. Even if I wanted to force something, I wouldn't know where to begin.
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  10. Though we do share the same faith in Christ, that He is the only way to salvation. We are both Christians.
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  11. Wow, this thread has really taken off. Never thought it would lead to this much discussion. That's awesome!
  12. My dear friend, I do not believe we have many differences. If we do, I have not seen them and actually discounted them as trivial and non-essential.
  13. No where in the bible does it say in order to be saved you must be baptized. However we are told to do it. We should want to obey. Jesus got dunked.

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