Is Child Support Right? Am I Being Punished Because I Am Sinner?

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  1. I am a dad of 3 beautiful kids. My oldest daughter just turned 18, my son turns 17 this weekend and my youngest daughter turns 15 in July. I have been paying child support for 14 years now. I have supported my kids with health insurance, and child support, and done what I am supposed to do under the law in my state.

    Why does the man get treated like a criminal, and a dead beat dad when he is the opposite. The good (like myself) get treated unfairly, while the ones that tuck and run get no penalties held against them. Is this world backwards in its justice system?
  2. Yes. What is probably worst is that if/when mom remarries they live off the fat of the child support payment.
    At least if you can channel your payments into non negotiable things like health insurance, you know that ex + newbie are not dining out at your expense. Small consolation, but better than none.
    In general I have noticed at "His Dishonor Injustice Ineptitude" favors the rogue more than the decent person. The more rotten a person is, the more stars they get for innovative nastiness:( ....not good.
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  3. Ugh I have to agree with Calvin on this one....

    Oh and yes you are a sinner-I've a nice comfy seat in the boat for ya and an extra oar!

    Usually we bring the punishment on ourselves (reaping what we've sown). Better to reap now than in eternity....
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  4. For one to make sure their child has what they need is right for the government to but in before they need to is not good at all

  5. My father paid a total of $200 towards child support for my brother and I growing up. He managed to dodge the rest of it (which was quite a bit as you can imagine). My mother struggled terribly due to this. You're doing the right thing and your kids will respect you in the future because of it.
  6. Actually on the other side of the coin, my ex never paid me a cent toward the support of our child. My next/current wife and I shouldered the responsibility not just financial, but in all ways. The ex took off for parts unknown which meant that not only did she renege financially, but also on her responsibility to her child as a supportive parent.:mad:
  7. I dont think its a punishment at all. What I think is that it shouldn't have to be the law. A kid is 50% your responsibility, you have the moral responsibility to make sure they are taken care of, theyre your kids. From what Im seeing, you would anyway-without the law being there-which is great, however there are a lot of parents out there, like calvin said, that wouldn't, theyd leave their spouse with the kids and bolt, and leave those kids to starve, which is why the laws concerning child care were put in place. Is it a perfect system? not at all. Are there people who abuse it? absolutly. But, there is good reason for it.

    Don't look at it this way. They are your kids-just look at it this way, your doing your best to take care of them, and the law isnt there to punish you-its there to help keep other parents from treating their kids like criminals. (ditching ones spouse and letting him or her take care of all the kids by themselves is basically, punishing the kids, for something they had no part of) Its only money anyway.
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  8. Sorry to hear FOC.

    When your kids are grown up, they will remember you gave them support. If your ex squanders it, they will remember that their mom squandered it.

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