Is baptism necessary?

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  1. Some Scriptures say that baptism is necessary for salvation. Then other Scriptures say that faith alone is necessary. Is baptism really necessary? How do you explain this? What does the Bible say is truly necessary for salvation? Something just does not add up.
  2. What about being dunked in water merits salvation? Christ's death, burial, and resurrection is what saves, not baptism.
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  4. In my opinion......baptism is not necessary for salvation. In other words, one cannot be kicked out of heaven for not getting baptized.......however, baptism is an act of obedience....and a symbolism of being burried with Christ, and raised to a new life.

    Believing on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and accepting Him as Lord of our lives, is what is needed for salvation.

    Hope this helps!
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  5. Baptism is something you do as act of obedience after you are saved. Salvation comes first, then as you obey Jesus, it is necessary to be is the holy spirit that effects baptism, although water is the outward form.

    It is not the other way round, ie. You cant get baptised thinking that will make you christian, you have to repent and believe FIRST.
    Otherwise without belief its just a religious ceremony for church people, or a dunk in water. If you havent been baptised, I would recommend do it, do not hold back.
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  6. That's good news...did it help?
    I'm sure some of our members will be able to assist.
  7. Yeah, it did, but some things were putting doubts in my mind. I think that God revealed to me that Jesus was talking about baptism of the Holy Spirit, which happens when we accept Jesus.
  8. Baptism is not necessary for salvation, but because it is a command to the believer to submit to water baptism, we need to obey.

    There is the baptism of the Holy Spirit that is subsequent to salvation also, and that is something we simply need to desire and ask for.
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  9. Just be careful because there are Christians who will tell you that unless you speak/pray in tongues you were not baptized in the holy spirit and therefore you are not saved.
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  10. The answer to your question is the thief on the cross...
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  11. Correct.
    Baptism by the Holy Spirit is experienced by all who believe on Jesus Christ as their Savior at the moment of salvation, and it is not to be repeated (Romans 8:9). In that baptism believers are identified with Christ as the Head of the Body, and are indwelt by the Spirit (John 4:14; 7:38-39).

    The baptism by the Spirit occurs at conversion when the Holy Spirit enters the believing sinner and gives him new life, and makes his body the temple of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). All believers have experienced this once-for-all baptism at the moment of salvation (Romans 8:9).

    The presence of the Holy Spirit and His availability for all believers is the norm in the New Testament.
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  12. Agreed!
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  13. Correct! Please be careful and believe the Scriptures and not those who will teach you the error of a denomination.
  14. Perfect example.
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  15. There is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which occurs at salvation, but there is the subsequent (and sometimes contemporaneous) baptism, or infilling of the Holy Spirit...another event separate from salvation, which we are all called to, but many miss. This is biblical, and not denominational.

    In Acts 19:1-7, we read of actual disciples of Jesus who were believers already, who experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We also read in Acts 10:44-48, of Cornelius, a Gentile believer, who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit before he experienced water baptism.
  16. Question: Is Baptism necessary?
    Answer: Yes, baptism is necessary

    Question: Is baptism necessary for salvation?
    Answer: No, baptism is not necessary for salvation
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  17. Is it always supposed to be an emotional experience? When I truly came to Christ (I was grown up in the religion), I never felt some type of crazy experience. The only crazy experience that I have felt was when God talked to me in a certain, straight forward way. It was an awesome experience and I am thankful to have experienced it twice. But it was not a crying thing.
  18. That is true! All we need is faith, and that was shown through the thrift on the cross.
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  19. Yeah, the charismatic movement.
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