Is A Man Still Wrong

Discussion in 'Humor' started by InHisLove, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. "Women....was it an accident? Or did God do it to us on PURPOSE!!!!" ~Jack Nicholson
  2. HAHAHA oh my thats good. i may not be married but i learnt long ago that its pointless to try and argue with a woman cause even if you are right your still wrong lol
  3. It so depends on whom he's talking to!:cool:
  4. :stop::stop::stop:

    OK, so this is a very friendly, very helpful heads up... There are a few gentlemen who shall remain nameless writing in this here thread that are walking a very dangerous path atop an alarmingly thin cap of ice over very deep, tumultuous and definitely deadly waters!;)
  5. Only when you're sleeping...:cool::D:D
  6. OK, I have to admit... This is funny!!:D:D:D
  7. :D :D :D Good one!
  8. my wife says keep my head down and do what she says and everything will be alright.she has the 1st law of marriage correct,pity she got the positions wrong.:D:D:D
  9. I fell through that ice already years ago. I fear nothing, because there just isn't much left that can be done to me!
  10. Hey Mike... That ice I was talking about earlier... It's starting to crack under your feet:cool:...
  11. I don't know Bana... Somehow I don't think you'd like being a eunuch, if you get my meaning...:D:cool::rolleyes:
  12. the waters great,refreshes the soul,lol.:)
  13. Nope, wife got that in the divorce.

    *Casually strolls along the bottom of the ocean*
  14. :d:d:d:d
  15. ban you reminded me of bobbit,i don,t think i would have liked to have marry his
  16. o_O dot dot dot

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