Irans president.....

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  1. Irans president.....

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrives in New York...
    your comments....
    lets be civil!:)
    me personally, I think its free speech run amuck. I think its the begining of the end. Should we really be "friendly" in this case?
    Enlighten me.;)
  2. We have to be, because we "host" the UN. It's part of our obligation.
  3. There's alot I don't understand. It's time I learned.
    Thanks Ban.;)
  4. While we do have to let any world leader have access to the UN in New York this man is a terrorist and should be escorted in and then back to his plane out of the country. Nobody else on our nations list of terrorists has been granted permission to visit our college campuses.
  5. Imagine if a sniper were to take out Hitler before he succesfully slaughtered millions of people. How different things would be.

    Would it be Just, for someone to "take out" the Iranian president while he was visiting?

    I'll be honest. I support his death.
  6. That is a bit harsh.... but then I agree about the Hitler statement. So, you never know. I'd hope he will remain civil. Does anyone know if he will be given diplomatic immunity? I sure hope not.
  7. I'm pretty sure diplomatic immunity is automatic in cases like this.
  8. No doubt he has immunity. He may be evil but he is not stupid. If you listen to what he says here and wait two days and listen to what he says at home they are COMPLETELY opposite.
  9. The guy is a pathological liar and I don't know if any of his words can be believed at all. I am however somewhat confident in his violent religious zealotry. I don't blame president Bush for not wanting to talk to him.

    Remember that lies told to infidels is not counted as a lie - if it advances the cause of Allah. So in our culture this means that when he speaks here he always keeps his fingers crossed.
  10. sounds just like our sailors captured by iran.....truth is very hard to stomach.
  11. tell the truth they cut of your heads,so what do you do?
  12. That was more a case of admit to the lies or we will kill you-
  13. The world would be a better place if that man was not here. But if someone did kill him...war would erupt
  14. I see him as a modern day Hitler. He makes claims nearly every week about how it's his desire to wipe Israel off the map.
    He wants to mass exterminate the Jews, just like Hitler.
    That is the only reason I condone his death.
    However, I don't think it will happen. I believe he is going to be a pawn in the end times. In fact I believe it's quite possible that Ahmedinijad will be part of the Ezekial 38 and 39 prophecies of Gog and Magog.
    But if he did die, I would smile.
  15. Yes Watchman, I agree with you. If he were killed here in the US it would certainly guarantee war.
  16. JeremiahD84, can we (all) do a study on Ezek 38 and 39?:)
    I'm going to start reading right now.......

    I personally, now, think we are in the beginings of the tribulation times...but, that's just me...:groupray:
  17. There is a saying that every muslim child in the middle east is taught- " first comes saturday, then comes sunday". Simply translated first we kill the Jews, then we kill the Christians. It is the majir theme of thier upbringing from the earliest times and up.
  18. We need to pray:pray: for our nation to wake up! Each churche needs to pray:groupray: as a group in agreement, outloud ,for our nation.
    We don't know all that is going on, but God does. We get bits and pieces of info from the media....and you KNOW how I FEEL about the MEDIA,:blink::sick:....
  19. America is swallowing poisin on spoon at a time in the name of political correctness- our enemies suffer no such malady as they openly cry death to America. It is time this nation woke up!
  20. Well, we are taught in the bible to show out enemies respect as we would our friends (luke 6:27-28). Though, I think it is ok to defend family & neigbors once they come under attack. But I dont think I can out right say I wish this man or any man dead (It would seem awsome if every person on the face of the earth could die a natural death but thats not going to happen). Thats Gods job. As for comparing him to Hitler I have researched much of WW2 & I agree what Hitler did was totaly horrible & evil, but you do have to think God has his plan. I like to give examples so here goes antoher one: What if Hitler never was born or didnt start WW2? It's possible someone who would have died in WW2 or as a result would not have been born becasue of someone died in WW2 & would not have given birth to this person. What if this person could have been even WORSE than Hitler. I by no means claim this is the case (just an example), but God has his plan. Again though I do believe it's ok to defend family & neigbors, if God sets it into motion that we must defend the innocent so be it.

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