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Inventor buried in Pringles can

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Boanerges(Inactive), Jun 3, 2008.

  1. It's kind of funny but heart-warming at the same time. :D

    Though, what kind of remains did they put in there, lol. o_O
  2. How did they fit him into one of those little containers? :D
  3. Maybe he was half cremated? :confused::D
  4. I was thinking maybe they made an adult size can to fit him. Custom made.
  5. Me too. :D
  6. I hope they don't put that Pringles can on the production line! I love Pringles :D
  7. Dude I am so getting burried in a Hot Wheels blister pack. :D
  8. Seriously?! I'd so visit your funeral if you did!
  9. I'm sure they did. I was just being my usual facetious self. :D

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