intrsting topic- garden of eden

Discussion in 'Humor' started by mr7131, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. intrsting topic- garden of eden

    i have a banana skin turning black right here next to me, i wonderd...
    what happened to banana skins in the garden on eden? :confused::p
  2. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.:eek:

  3. Huh????? Is this a time joke and you are going to reveal the answer in time ???..... Hello , I'm waiting .:D:D
  4. no i was just litterlly wondering.
    though i supposed it wasnt important to put in the advice or study section-lol

    besides this section is jokes AND humour, so i didnt think it had to be a joke...:p

    i suppose that fruit skin may have been edable.. i was just wondering if bio-degrading is dying...
  5. OOps.... well you lost me somewhere out in space , but that's normal for me.:D:D:):)
  6. Same here. That made no sense to me, but then I'm pretty dense.
  7. May I join the 'I am confused' club. Even after the explanation I can't see how it is a joke or humor.
  8. Oh Goody goody!!!!! we can start a new club..... Wheeee .:D:D:D:dance::dance::dance::dance:
  9. I hope that banana skin will be with us in Heaven :(!!
    yayyy banana skins for everyone :D!!

    PS: she/he ate a banana, she/he let the skin rot next to her/him :p it became black like how usually Bananas become after not being eaten for a while, and now she's/he's wondering if Banana's die in heaven :p
  10. [​IMG] I'm confused too, I THINK!
  11. okay, I get it...I guess you have to be a little skewed in the head (me) to get the question...

    Since the banana was never really a living pant, but an extension of the tree it came from, then yes it would decay giving the microbes that decompose vegetation food, thus keeping them alive....ah, the circle of life...
  12. that circle falls short ,because Jesus is extracting me from the hole,meaning i will be free of this re-cycle can have my body but my spirit belongs elsewhere.:D

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