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  1. Hello from Czech Republic. I found this forum today when I was searching for some encouragement. It seems that this is really friendly forum. I hope that I will spend some good time here.

    To make my post more interesting I attach here a photo of my dog.
  2. Hello Robine, welcome to CFS.
  3. Welcome! Being someone who never had any pet in house (assuming fishes are not included!), what is that in the mouth? Just for my knowledge.
  4. Thank you for your welcome!
    Abdicate, his name is Ron. I am sorry, that you lost your dog :(
    Ravindran, he has to wear it because he does not like other dogs and he usually tries to fight with them. I am able to keep him away from other dogs but sometimes it is hard to keep other dogs away from him. And when two dogs start to fight and one of them is wearing this thing, it is much easier to solve it. I think that the thing on his mouth is called muzzle in English.
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  5. Welcome to our friendly family. :)
  6. Cool dog and welcome to CFS. Is your dog a rottweiler? Btw the muzzle on your dog kinda makes him look like Bane from Batman haha.
  7. :D
    He is mixed, I suppose that he is rottweiler with some hunting dog, probably pointer. He is from animal shelter so nobody knows what he really is. I have another picture where he looks really dangerously. It is funny because he is more timid than dangerous. But I can go in dark with him without any fear.
  8. I love rotts. They are such good dogs.
  9. Yeah I was looking at the picture and thinking he looked mixed but definitely a rottweiler ;). I'm not used to seeing a rottweiler with a tail. They usually get their tail cut when they're young. I grew up with rottweilers lol
  10. Howdy do!
    Nice looking dog.

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