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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by mdibbets, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Introducing myself


    well... how to start this off...
    I am a christian... sort off, but I do have my disagreements with the majority of christendom.
    Where do these differences lie?

    1. I do not believe that Yeshua is God. Sh'ma Yisrael, Adonai Elohaynu, Adonai Echad(Hear O' Isreal, The Lord your God is One)
    2. I do not believe in a sinfull nature, I believe in a rebellious nature.
    3. I do not believe the bible is accurate. I hold the Tenach(Tanakh for some, but i'm used to writing it as Tenach) as scripture, and the rest is commentary, history, but like all history books, with their own faults and prejudices.
    4. I believe that believers should still obey the 613 commands God has given Moses.
    5. I believe all modern day translations are corrupt because they ommit verses and leave verses out.
    6. I believe the book hebrews is faulty and a horrible piece of instruction. I am starting a research on that soon, where I am going to explore every state ment to see if it's biblically correct.
    7. I believe that one should aim to know the scriptures so you can have an answer to everything. Through contamination from roman doctrines this is hard work, and you usually have to go to the judaists to find proper answers.
    9. Once forgiven always forgiven is very low low low in my standards because it's a lie.
    8... heck, you'll notice soon enough.

    Like the Jews, I do like a heated argument, as long as the argument stays on the argument itself and does not become personal. So if I seem harsh, zealous, etc.. it is because I like discussing, and I am very protective of original understanding of the bible(which comes from the jews) and very very cautious about general interpretation of the bible.(note the use in words)

    I have no respect for people who say:
    The bible is just a guideline
    You can be gay and christian at the same time
    You can practise occultism and be a christian
    You can work on the sabbath
    And anyone else who just waters down the bible.

    The above people are in HIGH standards with me compared to the people who say that the old testament is fullfilled/done away with, etc...

    I just wish to be honest in my introduction, so you guys know what you are getting into. I also like to win an argument, but if I come to the realisation that I am wrong, I will quickly admit it. No use defending a wall that is about to collapse.


    P.s. I'm also a horrible speller ;)
  2. Hello mdibbets.

    When you registered to join this forum you agreed to the following:

    1) The Holy Scriptures, in it’s original form, is the inerrant Word of God.
    2) There is only one God who reveals Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    3) We are separated from God due to sin.
    4) God's Son, Jesus Christ, was born of the virgin Mary, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again on the third day.
    5) We can only be saved by repenting of sin, and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior by faith. This salvation is provided by the grace of God. We cannot be saved through our own efforts or works.

    You now seem to be saying that you don't, so may I ask why you registered?
  3. 1) The Holy Scriptures, in it’s original form, is the inerrant Word of God.
    2) There is only one God who reveals Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    3) We are separated from God due to sin.
    4) God's Son, Jesus Christ, was born of the virgin Mary, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again on the third day.
    5) We can only be saved by repenting of sin, and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior by faith. This salvation is provided by the grace of God. We cannot be saved through our own efforts or works.

    1,3,4,5 I agree a full 100%, number 2 I agree half with. There is only One God who reveals Himself as the Father.

    If you wish me to accept that the father is the son, you are in for a long haul ;)
    You seem to forget, that the one passage where it states all three of those in order, that it has continually the words "And the" in between them.

  4. owyea, another thing, Define scriptures ;) Only defenition of scriptures you'll get from the bible is the Tenach :)

    How else could timothy study what wasn't written yet ;)
  5. If you don't believe that Jesus is God, you were not honest in your registration. Knowing this, why did you decide to go ahead and register?
  6. Because I wish to debate on a christians only forum, and I can live with agreeing to a much accepted misconception in the christian faith. One I hope to handle on this forum, because the first rule I agreed with was:

    1) The Holy Scriptures, in it’s original form, is the inerrant Word of God.

    Since there was in the statement already a conflict with the rule under it, I take the preceeding rule as more important, and I wish to clafiry things, for those who never held another opinion ;)

    I like bible studies, and if I am not right in my bible studies, confront me. but I like being thourough.
  7. Whether you can live with them or not isn't the issue. The administrator of this forum set it up for Christians only and registration here requires agreement with the statements I posted.

    Another problem is that you are giving the impression that you lack integrity, because you were not truthful in your registration. I think you will probably appreciate this yourself?
  8. I admit that I was not totally honest in accepting the statement but I accepted it because I accept half of it. But I am a christian, and I wish to debate on a christian only forum whilst exploring the topics I wish to explore.

    If the admin of this site wishes to kick me off this site for not accepting the trinity, for which I have very good grounds, so be it and I'll accept his judgement and submit to his authority.

    I am a christian, and that was the main requirement. I accept the handicap that I have to be dishonest by acknowledging that you believe that there is this eqeasion that 1 == 3.

    Lets leave it to the admin to decide if he wants to keep me on this board or not?
    If he wants interesting bible studies he should ;) it will be enriching to get the truth visible in the bible.

  9. Yes, fair enough Michael. I'm sure Jeff the administrator will deal with the matter when he visits here next.
  10. BTW, are you a programmer by any chance?
  11. if(mdibbets != database.getHobby("programmer"))system.exit(0xDEAD);

    Go figure ;)
  12. I'll take that as a 'yes' then :)
  13. mdibbets,

    To say the least I find your presence here obtrusive.
    ( To put a biblical perspective on it)I would liken it to a stranger sneaking (by claiming to know the bride) into a wedding and trying to rearange the the ceremony and alter the brides gown. Perhaps you would be more comfortable in a more open/liberal forum such as Beliefnet or CARM.
    If I (for example )wanted to discuss your beliefs that in many ways differ from my own I would not be in this forum to do it. Let me know where you land after your removed from here and if I have the desire to bebate faiths I will come visit you.

    Since you admittedly have entered this forum under false pretences assuming that you should be permitted to refute our beliefs I'll not waste time entertaining you until your shown the door.

    Sincerely His
  14. Okay Theophilus, so by your standards anyone who disagrees with you but professes to be a christian should not be allowed?

    If you say that the holy spirit is a force, and somebody else says the holy spirit is a personality, one of the two that does not agree with your viewpoint should be removed from this forum?

    As far as I know, the only requirement for this forum is to be a christian. One can be a christian without professing the trinity you know. It actually solves a lot of imposibilities in christianity.

    For the rest, I try to live my faith as close as possible as the earliest church did. Not the gentile churches but the church in Jeruzalem.
    Because, by the words used in Matthew

    The law & the prophets are the old treasure, but still a treasure(doesn't matter that a treasure has lied in the dirt for a thousand years, when they uncover it, it's still worth heaps of money) and the new treasure is the sacrifice of Yeshua as the pascha lamb so we can be co-inherintants of the promise made to Israel of the new earth and eternal life.

    Am I a christian? Yes. Do I teach according to the bible? Yes. If I do not, please do point out according to the bible where I do not. Or are holy spirit revelations your source of authority?
    I only accept the Tenach as authority and scripture, jus as Yeshua, Peter, Paul, Timothy and others did. The rest is insightfull history of how God has worked through the ages, and how God has fullfilled His plan.

  15. Did you pick a Christian friendly forum to debate in because you have had no real success in a forum with a debate venue? I mean I can recommend forums that are dedicated to debate. Or is it just that you don't believe a non-debate Christian forum should be allowed on the internet? Maybe, you just don't like Christian environments? We could go on speculating why you did register, but I'm not sure what that would accomplish.

    M Paul
  16. That's what Adolf Hitler said too. Do you uphold that he was a Christian? The consensus of opinion among Protestants is that he merely said he was Christian as the most effective way to destroy the church in Germany.

    M Paul
  17. I'm afraid you miss my point. This is not a Christian debate forum. The others I mentioned are. They have specialy designated venues for debating. This is a Christian community forum. It has no venues for debating. The admin set it up that way and the membership here want it that way. What is your problem understanding and respecting that????

    Calling yourself a Christian dooesn't make you any more one than standing in a forest makes you a tree. And your actions and doctrine thus far don't support that claim.
    Any group or forum on the internet has the right to restrict membership.
    This forum has chosen to restrict it to those who agree to the statment you falsely agreed to upon registration.
    I sincerely question that given your lack of integrity demonstrated during registration. But again I stress this is not the place to discuss it,much less debate it.

    Sincerely His
  18. The reason I wish to debate on a christians only forum is because many christians have arguments that tare totally skewed when it comes to what the bible actually says. On a debate forum you mostly get non christian arguments.
    I wish to have an index of what christians believe as "biblical" truth that i generally accepted but is not present in the bible.

    Plus if we can't talk about scriptural proof, what do you do here? talk about your cars? your houses? etc...?
    If this forum is all about material things, I might leave yes, but I was hoping to find some people who were willing to do a good research of the bible, because we are commanded to search the scriptures and to know them.

  19. And this forum is the only place in all the internet that you can find what you say you want??? How about you try the truth. Come clean and confess your real purpose here.

    You wouldn't understand:rolleyes:
    This is an intresting statment coming from you. Fasinating how you challege those whom you assert are not knowledgable of the tenents of their beliefs?? And then misrepresnt the scripture you deny is scripture to support your stance. Do you make a habit of seeking out and confronting only those whom you feel you can defeat in debate???? Interesting as well how you insinuate that because some choose not to indulge you that they are in some way not living by the word of God.

    So does Satan. What's your point??? Because you say it doesn't make it true or right.
    You also teach by what you demonstrate. So far that has been deception, lack of interity and the art of beguiling. Looks more like the teaching of Satan than Jesus to me.
    Sorry but I cannot fathum how you can profess to know or teach truth when your very presence here is based on lies???
    Please show me in scripture where it is said that the end ever justifies the means.
    Sincerely His
  20. I've deactivated mdibbets's account and sent him/her an email with explanation.
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