Intro: Forests in Flux

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  1. Intro: Forests in Flux

    I didn't post this to make anyone feel guilty, but I am becoming aware of our environment and how little many people care for it. I know you guys are wonderful, caring people, and I am not a big "global warming" person, nor am I an environmentalist-extremist. I am just aware that the natural resources which GOD has so generously given to us are being slowly taken away and just now have the general public "noticed", which they should have "noticed" 10 years back when they were carelessly shooting and killing innocent animals and hacking down trees.

    The Future of Forests -- Sugden et al. 320 (5882): 1435 -- Science

    I also know many of you may not agree with the scientific community's ideas. Whether you agree or not this is not time to poke at science - there are bigger and better things to do and that also is taking care of God's beautiful Nature.

    As Christians I feel we are entitled to do something - even if it's not big. Planting more flowers and trees helps, conserving on resources that you take for granted to helps, and there is so much more. It's the little things that make the biggest difference. ;)
  2. We cloth diaper and Ive been trying to hang my clothes out to dry when possable rather than running the dryer :)
  3. Yeah, that's the kind of things you can do. I use the dryer because I don't have the time and the patience :)p) to air-dry the clothes. But I have air-dried a blanket, though it took two days!:D
  4. There are more usable trees today than anytime in history. Perhaps not the majestic forest but certainly a sustainable supply of lumber.
  5. The following information can be researched through the California State Legislative Archives from database searches.

    California State Assembly Office of the Chief Clerk

    One of the concerns of the 'environmentalist activists' is that logging removes trees from the forest. (WELL - DUH !). No kidding. Their premise is that if there was no logging, the 'forest critters' would be happy and playful and live a life of serenity. The spotted owls, the bears, the wolves, the squirrels and the tree hugging environmental 'activists' themselves would be at home in nature.

    Now the reality. Without logging, there is no home building - including the homes of the 'environmentalist activists' themselves. When the forest is allowed to grow without harvesting, the large trees stiffles the growth of younger trees below because the high canopy does not provide adequate sunlight for new development... therefore the forest becomes unhealthy. The environmentalists have lobbied to PREVENT not only logging, but are preventing the removal of underbrush. It is the low level scrub brush in suburban areas that increases fire potential and when a fire DOES take place, these persons criticise the Department of the Interior and state firefighting efforts. They have even attempted to block firefighting equipment from getting to fires at the same time as they actually SET FIRES criminally in new home construction zones to keep home building in the forested areas from happening.

    There have been arrests in these cases but most times, they are let off with little or no punishment because the 'judges' hearing these cases are in the pocket of the 'environmentalists' and they look out for their own.

    This is a sad commentary on the legislative influence that these left wing activists have in some states and how their causes are supported by the judicial and legislative branches of government in some states... very sad indeed.:(
  6. agree 100%

    You're right on target there Pastor Gary.
  7. Thank you, Pastor Gary. That is why I do not support GreenPeace or any of these animal/environmental groups including PETA and many more. These people love to point fingers at others, but never look at the faults they make. If they cared so much about their "beautiful forests" they wouldn't buy homes made out of stucco/wood.

    They also wouldn't buy a lot of other things...actually A LOT of things.

    So, before they start "accusing" us of doing some, they need to realize three fingers are pointing right back at them.


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