Interpreting Dreams.

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  1. Hello all. I was wondering, how does one interpret dreams and visions? So, I guess I should share one of my dreams. I was outside my house, and I got attacked by a cow! And guess what? I got attacked by a person that morning! I don't want to talk about what happened after that...

    But looking back, had I understood that dream, maybe I could have avoided it. So can anyone guide me or is there a topic on this already?

    Thank you.
  2. I have never had a prophetic dream, but I've had informative and entertaining dreams all my life, some of which I did not understand fully until years later. I love dreaming and enjoy learning the lessons from them.

    I, personally, put little stock in someone else trying to tell the full meaning of another's dreams. I believe that the dreamer is the one who really understands what the elements of a dream mean. For example, a ladder in my dream may mean having to rescue a kitten from the roof, while it may mean climbing the corporate ladder in another's dream or working for a fire fighter. It could even be that floating means that life is easy while to another, it means sloughing off on the job and the need to work harder.

    My children and husband, on rare occasion, come to me about that a dream meant, and I will tell them what i think then tell them to work thjrough it on their own. The working it through is far more informative than what I can say

    One time, my dream showed me how to put a difficult zipper in a pair of pants I made back in our hippy days. :D
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  3. This is funny!

    But I believe it's true, that dreaming about a ladder means one thing to some and another thing to others.
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  4. The two best examples in the Bible of dream interpreters are Joseph and Daniel. Both interpreted what was going to happen, and Joseph even the number of years, but those who had the dreams couldn't avoid it. All they could do is prepare for it. And maybe that is the key.
  5. Hmm. Interesting point.
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  6. I have a certain gift in this area, but you never seem to listen to me...:(
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  7. That's not true! I do listen.
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  8. So was the person who attacked you, like a cow in some way?
  9. LOl. The person was annoying in my opinion. And why you disagreeing with me? I hate when people use those negative ratings on my posts. I don't use them. And I always listen to you. I just don't always agree. :D
  10. Just messing with I will take it off! You and where are just alike!
  11. Thank you. I'm like Where? I don't see the resemblance. But I'll agree I like being silly and making jokes, like him.
  12. And by the don't agree because you don't really listen...:eek:
  13. I totally listen. I think about what people say and choose whether to agree or not. :p
  14. But, Mitspa you can really interpret dreams? I'll have to ask you when I have one again. :D
  15. Yea I really do have a gift, but I don't get into pride about it and try to act like I have all the answers either. Some dreams the Lord wants the individual to understand as they walk out there faith, and some dreams are not of God. But if I try to help you and you dont really seek to know what God is saying...what can I do?
  16. Okay. You're right. I always go to God for everything, of course. And try to put His will before my own.
  17. We have had discussions in the past, little sister, where I know beyond doubt that you have not sought the Lord prayerfully about issues we have discussed...:eek:
  18. What you got a gift? Didn't I tell you my dreams before?
  19. I have to ask: was the person who attacked you large? Or did the person look cowish? What was that book we read in high school . . . Madame Bovary! Did the attacker remind you of her? Hm-m-m-m. Did the person attack you physically or verbally?

    Seriously, since you remember the dream, perhaps you can think about the elements of the dream and decide what they mean to you. Also, consider colors, numbers, and numbers of objects in the dream; these add to what the dream may mean to you. THink about where you were in the dream. Were you in a building? Outside a building? In a particular place? On the sidewalk or in a street? Were you wearing something in particular? Did you fight back? Did you leave? If you can't remember something, let it go; trying to recreate what may have happened in the dream will only muddy what you truly remember.
  20. From the moment we talked til now, I've been praying. Ah, big brother. You think you know me do you?
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