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  1. Well this week has been quite interesting. My wife and I rented out our house a few months ago and everything seemed pretty good until this week. Our tenants were late on rent, purchased a puppy (not allowed) and has failed to show proof and renters insurance. My wife felt something was up so she began researching our tenants on the internet and found out the husband didn't use his real name on the contract and that he just got out of prison for murder. I am torn if I should give them a chance or evict them on the grounds of breaching the contract. The added information about his criminal background isn't grounds for eviction but has caused us to question why they wanted to move in so fast and also the fact that they home school their teenage daughters. So I guess I am asking for some prayer on what I should do in this situation. I am former law enforcement so part of me wants to get these people out of our lives. The Christian in me wants to give these people another chance and confront them on everything. Any suggestions?
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  2. Praying for you bro!
  3. I think sometimes "nice" christians can finish last. And I don't envy your position. That's why most landlords require references and do checks before renting. I will pray for you. Before you make a decision to let them stay - I would set an appt. with both and state clearly that they have disappointed you because a)they broke the contract when they got the dog, b)they were late on their rent and as a landlord you are entitled to late fees and c)you have a background in law enforcement and are aware of past criminal behavior. Put them on warning.
  4. I think that we can show Christian love also by insisting on observance of rules. I pray for you.
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  5. my advice, is gonna be quite practical... one of your tenants just got out of prison for murder..... Murder...

    as soon as I found out, he would have to go....

    it's not being mean or cruel....

    Im just 100% sure God gave us a mind for a reason.
  6. Well I think we need to first acknowledge that we can't / probably won't do the Christian thing.

    Christian = let them rent for free until they can properly afford to pay you. WHAT interest?

    Logic = Law protects tenants. May be in your best interests to get rid of them now whilst you have a breach.
  7. I thought like this at first :). But then....we are Christians.....we should thank God for giving us an ex-murderer to help.
  8. Well after speaking with the Wife on friday she comes back on Sunday and tells us the house is infested with mice and bats. Funny she didn't mention this on Friday. We sent the eviction notice today. I'm just praying the house isn't destroyed.
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  9. I think giving another chance would be for renting the house if he had told everything upfront and you accept that and give the house for rent. He actually is doing fraud by giving a different name. He hid his identity. And he did not come to you to say this. You found out. So this is not really giving another chance! He has not confessed or repented. Until something like that happens, there is no reason for you to keep him in your house. That's what I think.
  10. That's one of the reasons I went with a property management company....

    It costs 10%... but they rent a LOT of properties... They have the experience to sort the wheat from the chaff...

    Let's face it - if a rental management company is always getting the owner's properties destroyed - they won't get much business....


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