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Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by NearertoGod, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Lately we have been having sporadic weather here in Southern California.

    Nightly temperatures dropped last week, lower than it usually should be around this time of year (approaching spring). I remember a few nights there we had 30 degree temperatures and icy daytime temperatures.

    We've had a heat spark, so its been warm in the day time, yet the temperature once again goes from 82 to 52 or less in a relatively short amount of time.

    I expect that this warm front is the precursor to a weather system blowing in off the coast. The high cirrus clouds and dry wind with plenty of static to shock you literally to death (lol).
  2. I live in Branson, Mo........... It is chilly here also, but we are not far from AR.....

    The new theory in Global Warming is that the Poles are getting warmer, pushing the Cold air down.......That is why we are not experiencing Global Warming??????????????? They just don't give up.

    I got a word for them..

    Gen 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease

    Be Blessed.
  3. I know you said if you have experienced any colder weather than usual .... please comment but I need to comment becuse it is just the opposite for us .... Toronto , Ontario Canada . We have had the warmest winter in I don't know how many years as they said we broke the record and only one snow fall that we can even talk about so maybe we are the new norm and you guys are getting our cold .... he he . I am definately not complaining .

    And this month of March we are again breaking records . they said we were warmer yesterday than Florida so can I stick out my tongue and say .... nah nah nah .... and today we are out in shorts and t's .... love it ..... Hey you all come to Canada the land of ice and snow ..... he he . I was out today cutting my rose bushes ..... and that never happens till the end of April . It is 18 C today . that is in the 70's for you guys .
  4. Its been a colder March here this year, but a few really nice days. And now there is snow coming across the USA this late in March, can you believe! Usually by now buds are beginning to form on certain type trees. I was noticing the trees behind my house look completely dead except for some ivy on a few of them. (Hope it's not poison).

    I think the global warming people have been sort of embarrased this year and haven't said near as much lately after they got caught in that blizzard during their Global Warming meeting LOL :D.

  5. Since you always have snow I assume thats why they had the Olympics there and then I got to wondering if they'd have to move it. Because since you were not getting the usual snow how could the Olympics take place.
  6. God Speaks - I believe that Dusty is in the general area around Toronto, Ontario, Canada... the Olympics were held in the far western Canadian Province of British Columbia near Vancouver, roughly 2100 miles to Dusty's west. Many differences in climate in general between those two areas.

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