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  1. Those poor heathen got their feelings hurt because Christians want to pray. Awwwwww.:eek::p:D
  2. I thought it was ironic that a Wiccan priestess and the president of the atheists would meet at a prayer booth.

    It's like God is trying to tell them something!!! :cool:
  3. Many Christians don't pray in private. Why would they pray in public? Those who do want to pray in public are usually those who want man's recognition--like the pharisees. In this day and age, though, the only recognition you will get from people is ridicule (and maybe even attacked) if you pray in public.

    This reminds me of something I read once. I think it was meant as a joke, but there's too much truth in it to be funny.

    A teacher saw some boys kneeling in the hallway of the school and rushed over and asked, "What are you boys doing?" One of the boys said, "We're just playing craps." (That's what it's called, but it's actually gambling with dice.) The teacher replied, "Oh thank goodness! I thought you were praying."
  4. Yea, I admit the Pharasies came to my mind too, standing on the street corners praying as hypocrites for recognition.

    But I was also thinking how beneficial it might be to have these serve as "reminders". Like ringing the church bells on the hour.

    Where ever you are, whatever you're doing, it is good to have reminders of who to thank and to ask ones self, "when was the last time I thanked Him?"

    I am sure you are right, there would be people who used them for show, but those people have their own issues with God. It would be nice to provide them for the people who would use them as intended.

    That's the problem right there in a nutshell. Anything to do with God is becoming illegal, or getting shoved into a closet. If this had been a Wiccan "Spell casting booth" or something like that, no one would have objected to it.

    I heard about two kids (in that same school) a little boy took something out of his pocket and said to the other kid; "Look. I found a condom on the front porch." The other kid said; "What's a porch?"

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