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  1. Intercession

    James 5:16

    16Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

    I have heard people saying that they are intercessors or belong to an intercessory prayer group . Or others saying she or he is a good intercessor
    But bottom line , we are all intercessors when we pray for others and we all need to be “ Intercessors “ , myself included ( Most of the time when I write this , it is for me )

    When we pray for others we are also taking the focus off ourselves and thinking of the others needs and healings . All of a sudden , without even realizing , the prayers that we have been praying are answered., as we “ intercede “ on behalf of others .

    Jesus , when He ascended into heaven is not just a figure head , . He is our High Priest who sits at the right hand of Father God interceding for us ( Romans 8: 34)

    As we study God’s Word it becomes more apparent that intercession is close to God’s heart and not just for a few select.

    We can think of so many that God honoured in the old testament who prayed and interceded on behalf of others .
    Job for example prayed and interceded on behalf of his children ( Job 1:15)

    Moses pleaded on behalf of the children of Israel ( Exodus 32: 32 ) as well as Samuel , Isaiah and others .

    In the N. T. , Paul was a regular intercessor for both the church and Israel ( Ephesians 1:16 ; Romans 9 2-3)

    So , you and I , as we pray for others , we are interceding on their behalf . We are all intercessors , because intercession has God’s attention and His heart.

    Question to ponder : How does it make you and I feel knowing Jesus is interceding for us 24/7 ?
  2. This makes me feel amazing .

    Dusty, What you were talking about reminds me of that tenuous connection with the Ezekiel passage about standing in the gap of a broken wall and intercession .

    when i pray for someone . i expect whatever was troubling them to come my way shortly also . not sure if that's the same for everyone . but . just be ready for it, that's all .
  3. Hmmm .... I am not sure if I have that expectation . My expectation is that the person will be healed and set free from bondage .

    My feeling about Jesus , interceding for me is an acceptance of awe and wonder that He would do so much for me .
    I always refer back to the cross and all that He went though and think , how awesome to think I can connect with Jesus and He with me and to know that He is there 24/7 and knows all , sees all , and is interested in little old me . How wonderful , how glorious that my Saviour died for me . Hallelujah , praise His Name , the Name above every other Name
  4. Something else that strengthened my faith was when I walked where Jesus walked , saw where He was born , saw where He died, saw the garden of Gethsememe, the mount of Olives , the Eastern Gate and the tomb He was buried in . We serve a God who is not dead . He is alive and living in our hearts .... How awesome . And He is interceding for me .
  5. There really are not enough words in any language to adeuately describe how that makes me feel, but I'll try.

    Jesus interceding for me makes me feel . . .

  6. Wow Dusty! That must have been phenomenal for you.

    I am so happy you were able to experience that.

    How very . . .

  7. IHL ..... I love all your graffics my dear . Keep it up .... Blessings and love to you today .
  8. Thank you and blessings to you as well.

  9. Amen Dusty . that's the other half .

  10. You will never know . That was a life long dream and has been fullfilled and I will never be the same . It was such an awe inspiring trip . I'll tell you , I cried a lot . At first when the bus took us from the airport and as we were approaching Jerusalem the bus driver put that song on " Jerusalem , Jerusalem " and I had to pinch myself and then I started to cry . In fact even now I am teary eyed thinking about it . I will never forget the land where Jesus was born and reading the scriptures in the spots where He was .
  11. That is so very [​IMG]
  12. I almost feel bad for saying this bc everyone is so excited and happy but you are right when you say we all can intercede bc we all can pray but there are some that are gifted intercessors. Like all christians can discern but only some have the gift of discernment, like my aunt and cousin they can discern a presence and tell wheather its from God or not and see spirits. Where as i cannot my gifts are intercession and missionary, but im sure if i were in a situation that needed for me to discern his spirit would lead me to do so just like if your in a situation where you need to pray for someone the holyspirit will lead u to intercede that moment. Its like w our talents some are talented cooks where as i can only boil a hotdog lol. But i hope i didnt offend anyone every1 was so happy, i felt i needed to clear that up.

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