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  1. Any of you guys use it? I'm trying to use it, but don't really understand all the hype
  2. I have tried using it.. Same! Did not understand what was so special about it and stopped using it.. Same goes with Twitter..Probably all my friends are just like me.. I guess it needs a gang of people who will sensationalize everything :)
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  3. I have it but don't really use it. My wife loves it because of all the different filters it has to make you look cooler than you really are. You should know all about that, Where :D
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  4. I think it's those filters and hash tags that bring all the hype
  5. Twitter I'm still confused about also
  6. Just another piece of modern nonsense I have no use for.
    I'm a bit of a dinosaur that way.
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  7. I use it about once or twice a day. Why not? Share a picture...view a picture. It's basic.
  8. Ok ill use it today with #christianforumsite
  9. I use snap chat. Instagram o have but don't use it
  10. Is that the one that lasts for a certain of time then deletes?
  11. Yep

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