Inspiration for Week of June 11 to 17, 2017

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  1. Good Day, Friends; We live in a world these days where many men and women have placed themselves above God and have no time for Him. We see these people around us and in the news each day. Many persons place themselves on a pedestal to put on airs and to let everyone know how mighty they are. We see them in politics, in business, in the entertainment industry, in branches of government and in some religion based venues. For those persons who elevate themselves to these arrogant levels, we can only pray for them and say - "It is nice to be important, but is more important to be nice." May God bless.
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  2. That is so true. It saddens me. Yes, we can only pray for them, and in the meantime pray for, and encourage one another. God bless you.
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  3. The Pharisees come to mind wanting to hear their own voices, yet today in London we saw true humanity people putting their own lives in danger to help others in relation to the fire. A news article said that people in suits (representing rich) people in tracksuits (representing poor) were all bringing what they had to help others. They may not be Christians but acting as the Lord would want them too.
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