Inspiration for Week of August 21 to 27, 2016

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  1. Good Day, Friends; We all know that our daily lives are influenced by God in just about everything that we do. As Believers, He watches over us and watches out for us, He cares about us and He teaches us. His wisdom is given to us in may ways each day and we may not even realize it. His paintbrush colors our world and His music serenades us in nature. No problem is too great for God's power and no person is too small for His love. May God Bless.

    *** We are asking that you pray for the victims of the severe flooding in Louisiana. Thank You.***
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  2. Father we lift up all the precious people who have been affected by the flooding in Louisiana. We ask that Your hand of mercy and comfort go out to them all. Thank You Father for finding them all good places to stay and for helping them to clean and rebuild if necessary. Send Your laborers to do what needs to be done and thank You for providing an abundance of finances to achieve it all.

    In Jesus Name, Amen
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  3. In the name of Jesus I join faith with you in this prayer.
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  4. This is a great reminder of the wonders of God and how brilliant He is. Thank you for posting this @Pastor Gary. :)


    Protect all those affected by the recent flooding in Louisiana. Allow those affected to find refuge where they shall be safe and secure.
    In Jesus's name.

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  5. We uplift the people of Louisiana, please give them strength, and hope in Jesus Christ. May you provide them with rescue missions from those who you will use. Equip them with your Might and Power, in Jesus Name!

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