Inspiration for Christmas Week 2014

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  1. Good Day, Friends; The Christmas Season is a wonderful time of the year to think about Christ beginning his journey on earth to give us hope, to give us comfort and to give us salvation. The Spirit of Christmas is not where we are or who we are with or the presents that we receive or the presents that we give. The Spirit of Christmas is God reaching out to us, His children, to give us all a big hug. Please thank God, in prayer, for giving us His Son and for offering us everlasting life.

    From the volunteer staff at the Woodland Chapel and myself, please have a very Blessed Christmas and may the Spirit of Christmas dwell in your heart all through the year.
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  2. You too PG!! :)
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  3. I wish the same for you, Pastor Gary.
  4. Thank you - Blessings... (y)
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  5. Well said Pastor G. And Merry Christmas to all :)

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