Infomercial King Billy Mays Found Dead in Home

Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by NearertoGod, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. It seems Mr. Mays suffered from hypertensive heart disease and that might be the cause of death. We'll have to wait for toxicology and tissue reports...
  2. I was wondering if the bump on the head he received on a rough landing had anything to do with his death. Either way he had a reputation of being a genuinely nice guy and I hope he knew Jesus Christ as Lord.
  3. I am sure they will find the bump on his head was the contribution as he probably had a hematoma which caused massive bleeding in the brain . There was an actress just recently who died of the same thing when she has a fall in a ski resort in Montreal . She said she was fine and then died later.
  4. Oh yeah. I remember that. I forget her name but they called what she had talk-and-die syndrome? Where the person talks and is fine then dies immediately afterwards.

    And hopefully foul play wasn't involved, because I was kind of wondering about his wife...if you know what I mean...:D

  5. A very fast paced celebrity lifestyle and the stresses which accompany it can't be good on anyone's heart. I enjoyed his own humor about his 'pitchman' yelling style of selling products...

    Perhaps God has a place for him near the entrance to Paradise yelling at everyone to stay in line and not to forget to order their copy of "Heaven - A Guide Book for new Arrivals".... for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling....

    Praying for the family, friends and fans. :groupray:
  6. I am praying for his family and friends.

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