INFO For Feb. 21 through Feb 28, USA

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  1. INFO For Feb. 21 through Feb 28, USA

    A powerful winter storm is developing in the southwest. This intense low pressure area will bring the threat of severe weather to the southern plains, Gulf coastal areas, central Midwest and eventually into the north central Atlantic areas and New England. Initially, strong to severe thunderstorms may develop in "tornado alley" - East Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. While it is still too early to predict intensities or actual paths, we would recommend that anyone living in these areas monitor your local media and NOAA for advisories starting as early as Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 21.

    As the storm develops, it will draw upon Gulf of Mexico moisture. This will clash with a cold Canadian air mass moving down from British Columbia by the weekend. This will produce significant rains in the central midwest and there is the possibility for the storm front to produce ice, sleet, freezing rain and the resulting travel problems from Nebraska through Iowa, northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

    As the storm makes it's way toward the New England States early next week, heavy snowfall could be an issue in those areas already affected by the excessive snow amounts of last week - New York, northern Pennsylvaina and Vermont.

    This storm has significant potential to create travel issues for the next week or so. Please monitor this storm by way of your local media and if you do not already own a NOAA Weather Alert Radio, it may be a good time to purchase one.

    "THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ADVISORY. These updates and advisories are based upon information from our own computer models, NOAA, Local Weather Data Centers, deep water Buoy Data, and other publicly available sources. FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR PROPERTY AND PERSON, please refer to your Local, State, and Federal Authority updates for Official Advisories and Orders. For up to the minute advisories and official updates, it is essential that you monitor your local Emergency Government, NOAA and Local Media Broadcasts. Please do not make personal safety decisions based upon information presented here in this Unofficial Advisory."
  2. Update Thursday Feb. 22 -

    An Update - The storm mentioned above, has exceeded most everyone's computer modeling for initial intensity. Persons from west Texas through the southern plains, Gulf coast, central plains, central and northern Midwest as well as the New England states should monitor local forecasts and official advisories very carefully from now through March 01. This storm has significant potential for severe thunderstorms, tornado formation, high thunderstorm winds, hail, large amounts of rain, and in the northern areas, significant ice and snow.

    Tune to your local NOAA Weather radio station for official Advisories, Watches and Warnings.
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