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  1. Products from companies like Kohinoor and Gits. We find them a quick and easy way to something tasty and my mother usually cooks basmatti rice to go with them - Tilda is maybe the nicest we've had.

    A couple of my own favourites are Aloo Saag, Aloo Matar and Palak Paneer. My mother is very fond of Mutter Paneer.

    I (who am not Indian, just I find there are some interesting tastes and who's occasional curiosity started from coming home from a football match where we stopped at an Indian restaurant in Sale, near Manchester - first taste of a biryani and of okra when I was about 10) wouldn't know how authentic they are but think they are great for maybe a once a week meal. Just boil in the bag for a few minutes and they are done.

    Any one else here use these things?
  2. Well, I certainly don't use them. Because we cook them at home :) I am from India! They are pretty close to being authentic.. The only thing is, they add so many different things to keep it good for a long time.. Preservants.. That does spoil the taste a lot.. And my wife never likes them.. I used to eat a lot of them when I was single.. Not anymore.. Home cooked food is a lot different though.. Some of them are really easy to cook.. If you are interested, may be you should start trying to cook some of them at home :)
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  3. OK, it may be a week or two before I try it but what would you suggest as a really easy cook from home recipe?
  4. Would you like chicken or something else? Gravy or dry items?
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  5. For a family item (I'm not myself but) it would need to be (lacto)vegetarian. A sauce/gravy I think would be nice.
  6. Oh how much I miss tandoori chicken and samosas! Oh and the naan bread! Yum!
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  7. I love Tandoori too. Yumm..

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  8. Lust of the eyes!!!! Forgive me Lord!!! Yumm!
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  9. If you intend to eat with naan or roti (bread), then aaloo gobi (potato & cauliflower) or aaloo mutter (potato and peas) are a good choice.. They are simple to make as well..

  10. Those would be ideal for us so if you can give how you/your wife cooks one, we would like to try your recipe.

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