In My Name

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  1. In My Name

    Listen to these words . Beautiful .... An annointed Choir from Detroit . All we have to do is ask in His name .

  2. Of Course

    I cannot forget our own Toronto Mass Choir . They have travelled all over the world . They sing a lot of Caribbean songs .

  3. Thank you for the music. I open my mouth and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I know He hears my praise, and is pleased no matter how off key I am...but oh to be able to sing like that!
  4. Your welcome my dear . Yes I would love to sing like that as well .
  5. Love it! thanks Dusty :)
  6. Just ask in my name.

    Wonderful and so very true. Just ask in My Name and it will be done unto thee.

  7. They're good. Sounds like Jamaica
  8. Here's another one about the name of Jesus

  9. Thank you GodSpeaks .... We could use this thread for the names of Jesus . That is one of my favourite songs as well . All we have to do is say His name . There is power in the Name of Jesus . He is so precious.
  10. Ya Mon .... I can almost talk like them . Most of my friends are Caribbean . I am so honoured when they invite me to their parties . Love it mon ....

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