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    A.W. Tozer was praised by several members recently, and I thought it would be a good idea to explore what the man really taught, and blow past sound-bytes about what folks thought he taught.

    As a young man, he excepted dispensationalism, and then, upon deep investigation, he utter rejected it and campaigned until his demise against it's creeping influence.

    An extract from an interview on his book "The Deeper Life", seen here

  2. From the A.W.Tozer Seminary website:
  3. I had to read one of his books for college. He was really good.
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  4. Yes he was...Unless you read him, it's best not to think he agrees with you, right? He was a maverick in the theological world in his day, but now folks think he is "mainstream"....but his concepts are really not, if one honestly seeks him out.
  5. No time for reading? Got 40 minutes?

    Listen to the man called Tozer:

  6. I haven't really seeked him out. Maybe we didn't read him then, maybe we just learned about him? I just remember talking about him. Because if his things do not match up with the Word, my professors wouldn't have made us read him.

    I'll definitely check out the video.
  7. Hope ya like it...It's solid Tozer.
  8. I've not really read a lot of him, either, though if he speacialized in doing hatchet jobs on dispensationalist writings, I probably won't give a lot of priority to his writings, either, although I'm sure he must have written some good things.
  9. No, Farouk: candid disproof is not a "hatchet job". Best thing to do is read him yourself and look at your beliefs of that theory with opened eyes.

    The best way to know a man's writings, is to read them, right?
  10. Oh I agree.

    Tozer isn't the first, or the last, person to write about the subject, of course. (I've even been known to read the Bible myself for the past few decades, as have you yourself, also! :) )

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  11. him and decide for yourself.

    Like Spurgeon? He was hotly and openly against dispensationalism and many things Darby and Scofield promoted. And he knew Darby personally.

    Best read him too on the subject. Might quote him on here sometime.
  12. Listen to his sermon above, farouk, and you'll get an idea about his spirit.

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