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  1. In Faith Wear |Cool Christian Wear


    Did you know that on average, a T-Shirt is read over 3,000 times?
    In Faith Wear was started as a Christian store dedicated to selling Christian t-shirts that proclaim the wonderful message of Jesus. Image the 3,000 opportunities that you have to witness to someone who happens to read your shirt!

    Please visit our online store to see the products that we have to offer:

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  2. Very nice indeed my sister, I encourage everyone here to support this and do business with fellow chiristians whenever possible this keeps your $ circulating and working in the Kingdom fo God.
  3. encouraging stuff

    Hi Jennifer,

    Nice stuff, and I'm glad to see Christian Tshirts are on the increase having devoted a lot of time and effort developing my range of Christian wear at

    It's good to others sharing their artistic gifts in His ministry, thank you for the encouragement

  4. Thanks Everyone!!

    Thanks for the support everyone! As my appreciation to those from this forum who visit my site, please use coupon 0407TXK to recieve $1.00 off your order.

    Jennifer Foster

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