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  1. I think impatience is something that most everyone deals least to a certain level.

    Below is a link to an article I wrote on why praticing more patience is spiritually benefitting. How do you deal with impatience?

    Article Excerpt: "When I am praying to God for help in this, I start off by saying, “God, please help me with my patience!” – just like that. That clearly. That quickly. I let Him know that I need the help and I need it right now. I will also pray that God helps me to be more humble. When you think about it, if people were more humble, they wouldn’t be so impatient. Impatience is often a feeling of, “I don’t deserve this”.

    I also ask God to remind me of my own faults, limitations, and defects, so that I can focus on improving myself first when I am tempted to be impatient, especially when my impatience is the result of judging the actions of those around me."
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  2. Interesting article you wrote. I kind of stopped reading it when you went into the Zen stuff.

    I too used to be very impatient. I agree with you that society seems to have a mentality of instant gratification. What I call, 'the point and click syndrome'. I think there is a lot behind it and where it comes from.

    As for myself, I have learned(God taught) patience to the point that several people have told me that, 'you're the most patient person they have ever known'.

    Here is what did it for me. If we have eternity, what's the hurry?
  3. I can dig the idea of patience as being a fruit of the Spirit requiring we plant seeds for it (Sow to the Spirit) and that fruit takes time to grow (all fruit unlike gifts must be planted and cultivated and in due season you reap). Just remember, if one prays for patience the Lord may place you in circumstance that will require patience to endure (James 1:3,4).

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