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  1. Can anyone explain this term/word to me, as seem to see it a lot in christian circles/literature but it's not in the Bible.
    What do people mean when they say they've been 'impacted' for Christ?

    I've never hit anyone over the head with the Bible...
  2. I would say Saul of tarsus was "impacted" by Christ when Jesus appeared before him on the road to Damascus.
  3. Definition of impacted is also "strongly affected by something". Not just physically being hit :)
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  4. Every word in an English bible would be a translation. Usage of English also changes.

    I'd not argue with the idea that Saul/Paul gets "impacted". He was hit by something!

    I probably get more disturbed by for example people who "leaveraging" technology as a day to day thing so, yes, maybe it too could be a sort of buzzword...
  5. If you've accepted Jesus as your Saviour, you've been impacted by the truth of the Gospel message, the reality of your sinful state, God's love for you, and the sacrifice that Jesus has made on your behalf.
  6. Knocked off his high horse, thats how I would put it.

    I thought gospelled might be a word, but sometimes what gets described isnt really gospelly.
    MAybe 'touched' like touched your heart?

    Some pentecostals would say he was slain in the spirit.
    I just imagine impacted like a meteorite hitting planet earth and leaving a big crater.
  7. What about 'smite'?
  8. I suppose people dont want to say they were 'damascused' or 'converted' or 'convicted'. Impacted seems a safe jargony type word.

    So..does anybody recall their 'impact' moments?
    Like the time you were 'cut to the heart'? Or brought to your knees?
  9. I still pray for my own (as I'''d be more likely to put it) blinding flash moment.

    For me, I would say that the time in 87 when I started again at praying to God for help even though it wound up with me in a mental hospital became a point where I could no longer deny there were powers above me and believed Jesus (and the other side...) were real. I've tried but not been able to escape that.

    Once, years later and through another period of crisis with a priest in the house and he called for (maybe I don't know the words) but say God to show his love/and or spirit. Something really weird did seem to happen. I felt I was this time I'll say sort of hugged by something incredible and I burst into tears.

    Had other things resolved from there, I think I'd be saying it was the Holy Spirit but the way things have gone, I'm not sure. Either way, I've not felt anything like it before or since.
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  10. Impact is referring to a deep effect on a isn't to do with conversion.

    I've had several moments where the Spirit of God has had a deep impact on my life.
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  11. I think the tears thing happened to me.
    One time a friend took me to a christian festival, and when got back thought I had been brainwashed and couldnt stop crying.

    Not till much later was I soundly converted but that was the initial breaking down of the wall for me. I had been told the gospel but didnt really believe until age 30 when had a hunger to read the Bible, to check that all these things christians were saying were true..and then Genesis struck me and I saw myself as Eve, wanting to be wise but ignoring God. It was all true! Christians were right all along, Jesus is real! Damascus moment.
  12. Had a missionary couple speak in church yesterday. They are based in Mt hope Indonesia. Im sure the lady said something and used the word impact. Lol.

    What they with school there so poor and orphaned indonesian children can have an education. they get told the gospel for the first time, are loved, and learn, and then tell their families who are 'impacted'. This all in a muslim country.

    The husband said he was starting a guitar ministry. So aside from school,and book learning they get to have fun as well playing music. The school is ostensibly a christian school with prayer and worship a big part of life. I kinda wish I went to a christian school, esp in my high school years.

    If went there to help and God called me I would have to learn indonesian and also adjust to their way if life which can be primitive as they so very poor. I think the need is for medical missionaries so if you have nursing experience etc that is valuable over there. (I dont...just have library experience, d'oh!) but I think the biggest impact anyone can make is simply showing Gods love.
  13. Oh also they have micro-enterprise. I think its done through this agency called world outreach.
    If you like to pray for them feel free. they just want to be what God wants them to be doing over there and it could be anything really.

    I do have a friend who is from Indonesia who is a christian and I think its tough to be one in a muslim country. Some of her family were from the dutch and they were quite wealthy which is why she can come over here to my country, but a lot over there live very poor.

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