I'm Sure You've All Heard This Before

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by TridentTHought, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I'll start of with a quote from a user named aha from a previous thread:
    I understand the sensitive nature of the topic, so I will try to be as respectful, inviting, and open as I can be, and I'm sure I will receive the same treatment.

    So let's get down to brass tacks: I am an atheist, who would like to be agnostic, who was raised Protestant (I think, the churches we always went to were "Foursquare" churches, if that means anything to anyone) Christian. I frequently get into debates with my mother over aspects of the bible and Christianity as a belief system.

    I want everyone who reads this to understand that I genuinely want to discuss and get some well thought out answers to questions those I have personal contact with do not have answers for. Truly, I have the utmost respect for people of all religions, and I do not want to try to change anyone's faith. I am simply a seeker, a person of weak faith and strong conviction.

    I sincerely hope we can all learn from discussing, sharing, and debating with each other.
  2. Weak faith in Christianity? If you would still like to believe but have weak faith (which still means some is there), then you cannot truly be an atheist. You may have to clarify this comment.

    Aside from that, you may want to start with the reoccurring arguments/debates you have with your Mom so we know where you're coming from.

    Welcome to the forum, God has brought you here for a reason. I hope we're able to deliver what you seek.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  4. Hi Tridentthought,

    I would love to hear your questions. I believe God has satisfying answers for those who want to know the truth.

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