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  1. Okay, guys. I'm sorry that I have been a jerk the last day or so. It's just things got heated on here, and I got really mad at people. I've really been trying to work on that. If I've hurt any of you, I am truly sorry about it. I never meant to. I just get frustrated easily as you've seen. But, I will try not to anymore. If I do get mad again like this, I will leave, because it will be too hard to stay around here. I AM staying around for now. I want to get on everyone's good side again. Anyway..... I'm sorry for all I've done. Can everyone who reads this please forgive me? If not , I'm not worried. I have my few friends here that I know will stick by my side. Anyway...
  2. Of course you are forgiven. Thank God for his forgiveness which we all have needed. There is nothing wrong with making a point to someone as long as you do it from love. Even if someone else is being unloving, if you act in love you may be the one to change them for good. It is always best if angry to go away and pray that you see things from God's perspective and love. Then when you do you will be able to teach with love. We have all done things we didn't even know were wrong. God forgave us. Maybe a person is doing something with good intentions or doesn't know they are doing wrong. All believers are your family. Would you walk away from your family if they did something wrong? Even if someone does wrong forgive them. Imagine everything God see's when looking at everyone, but he doesn't point out every fault. We are definitely not in a position to be greater than him. He loves us and teaches us lovingly. Aren't you glad for that.
  3. I want you to know that I love you and am glad that you are here and part of my family.
  4. Of course I forgive you Mr. Osteen! Now give me a big ol' hug!!
  5. It might be that picture you are using, he is a known trouble maker...:LOL:

    Not sure where you are getting the idea that folks are being offended with you? Think maybe the devil is trying to put that into your mind? he does crap like that:(
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  6. Things got heated? You were angry? I must have been :sleep::whistle:. We're all believing brothers and sisters. We fight, we forgive, we get back to glorifying God (y).
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  7. HEY....wait a minute! Were you supposed to hurt me or get on my bad side????

    Nobody never tells me nuttin!
  8. I'm not Joel. Just my avatar. And no talking about him or the thread will be shut. Not my orders. Mods orders.

  9. It was a thread in the prayer requests forum. Not going to mention it. I want to put it behind me.

  10. I totally agree with that.

  11. Yeah, right. But guys , no mentioning my avatars name cause @HisManySongs told us not to at all or threads will get locked.

    On a more serious note: yeah. I hate the devil. I'm really trying to work on this crap. Soooooo much on my plate.

  12. I just want you to know that made me feel better. I am no longer going to worry if people are talking about me. That's the biggest thing that got this started. If they're talking about me, then they're gossiping about me. :cool::cool:
  13. You know just take little bites at a time, and continue to grow in strength. It is written that we should know the "good, acceptable and perfect Will of God" God is not asking for us to be "perfect" but to accept His will for us where we are. Start with the "good" and then you can move into the others. I believe it is "good" that you are willing to continue on this forum, even if you disagree with some things. I believe it is "good" that you have a desire to change and grow. I believe God is pleased with you and you are special to Him, even if you are not yet into those aspects of His perfect Will.
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  14. No talking about Christian pastors on a Christian forum? I'm so confused right now. Or is he not considered a Christian pastor? I'm really not up to date on TV pastors, even though I help with one. :S

  15. Sorry, but no we're not allowed to talk about him. And, yes he's a Christian pastor.
  16. They're probably talking about not debating on his teachings or something, as I can imagine that people might disagree. But I'm sure his hair we can talk about.

    Well.. I like his hair in your avatar. It has a lot of volume. I wonder how much he spends a day on getting it to that level? I wonder if he did his hair like that just for this picture, or if it's something he does daily. I think a persons hairstyle can say a lot about a persons spiritual walk. IMHO. What do you think?
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  17. They are saying Don't talk about him at all. Message @HisManySongs if you don't believe me.
  18. No, I believe you.

  19. Okay.
  20. Now that's funny, Thanks for the laugh:LOL:
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