I'm Sorry(future I'm Sorrys Too)

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  1. Hey, guys. This is my I'm sorry thread where I will say in sorry a lot to you. And the first I'm sorry I will say is:

    I'm sorry for all I've done so far in regard to the church, changing my life, and use of the word positive.

    I don't mean to be a jerk to you guys. It's just I don't like when people boss me around. But in this case care about me. I know when I join a forum I have to just accept the fact that people will try to help me out.

    I know you will forgive me for this. I know the rules say not to jump to conclusions, and that's what I've done. You are going to read a vow here and now that will make it clear that I won't do that anymore:

    I Dana, vow here on CFS that I am not going to jump to conclusions, and will let people on this forum help me. I know their intensions are good.

    Dana Covert

    1-4-14, 5:40PM

    There you have it. I know you will be seeing the new and improved Dana. Anyway, thanks for reading, and understanding(I hope) my I'm sorry.
  2. Dana .. you are a good person with a good heart ..
    you do seem to be on a emotional roller-coaster though ..

    maybe this will help ..
    he is unmovable and unchangeable in His ways ..

    God Bless You ..
  3. Ixoye_8: thanks for that. I needed it more than ever now.

    When I join forums, I just want them to be full of love. But from now on, I am not going to do that. I will follow the rules from now on. You can count on that.
  4. I belong to another forum .. I have for over 5 years ..
    there are some pretty "caustic" people in there that are suppose to be Christians (no forum is perfect) .. so I take what God gives me and work it .. and if I am using His methods I will have success "in His service" .. yet I longed for just sharing "love and praise" .. so after 5 years of some good success and making many good friends, I went "a looking" .. this was the 3rd forum I looked at .. and I think the BEST .. so I joined .. to me a forum is just like a home or church .. so I have only been here about a month and now that I have met people, am going to do my best to start some "praise threads" ..

    God Bless You ..
  5. listen, as far as I am concerned

    you don't need to apologize for anything!

    here is why

    1 I am not the boss of you, you are under no obligation what so ever to justify anything to me.

    2 You have the right to make decision for yourself ( as a fellow brother in Christ, I do care about you, and I hope you would make the right one), but you have the right to make decision for yourself. That includes whether you want to accept or reject my advice on this forum. I have no right to get offended if you do decide to reject my advice, because that is your decision to make.

    3 If you feel my intention behind some of my responses were not good, I am happy for you contact me, so we can sort it out, I hate people, especially Christians who don't responsibility for their own hurtful behaviours towards others, and I have vowed not to be one of those Christians. So feel free to send me a private message if something I wrote bothers you

    4 I know some Christians seem to give help to others with string attached. They think by helping you, you "owe' them, and they can assume this 'lord and master' position over you, including setting a time table for you to meet a set of target and feel they have the right to "punish" you. That is not the kind of love God talks about. Christians who does that kind of things are jerks ( I am being polite here, what I was really thinking of is the word start with A and end with hole).

    I remember I used to suffer from social anxiety, and some people I went to church decided to took me on as their pet project ( I never asked them to, and even if I did, I never gave them permission to have this "lord and master mentality" over me, in fact, if I knew earlier their help is going to have such heavy string attached, the me today would have told them to take it shove it you know where). At the time every time they punished me, or shown open disgust at my lack of improvement, I actually felt like I need to apologize to them, not any more. Because I realized I owe them nothing.

    So there you go.
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  6. I feel like I do owe people an apology for the things I have done. Two people I messaged are clear about what we talked about.
  7. I forgot to say that I got the church thing straightened out. So, that's a good thing. Now, I hope I don't have to say sorry anymore for a long time.
  8. Let me say I'm sorry once again about Joel Osteen. I wasn't going to bring his name up, cause I knew that people would fight me. I'm sorry for bringing up Joel Osteen's name up. I promise I will not bring it up again.
  9. I am sorry, but I'm NOT leaving. I'm not letting you guys win. Not everyone is involved in when I say "you guys". I am saying it to unnamed ppl. I'm not raising the white flag and saying,"You win. I'm leaving." I'm sticking around.
  10. One of the mods told me not to apologize to you guys, unless I DO hurt you. So, I am taking back all I have said. Anyway, hope you all have a good rest of the day.

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