I'm so excited!

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  1. On October 8th, I'll start teaching Sunday school and I'm really excited about it. :) :) :) :) :)

    Most people see Sunday school as a hobby but to me it's the most important thing ever.

    My knowledge of the Bible is still mediocre, I definitely need to improve that, but my enthusiasm is tremendous and I have a great experience as a high school teacher. I also had a one year preparation for this, so I'm feeling confident. May Jesus bless me and my students. And may the Holy Spirit inspire us.

    My approach is this: I don't want to preach or indoctrinate, I just want them to know and befriend Jesus. It's the Holy Spirit that does all the real work, not me.

    I actually believe that the Father wants me to do this and here are two interesting facts:

    a) I'm a high school teacher and this year I was hired by the school that is nearest to the church. This will allow me to save time, money and always arrive on time.

    b) A few days ago, I thought I hadn't been accepted by the church and was feeling very depressed. I prayed to the Father and told Him 'it's in Your hands now'. One hour later, at 10 p.m., I get a phone call from the priest telling me that I had been accepted!

    Pray for me! And any tips and ideas for my lessons are more than welcome! :)
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  2. Congrats :)
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  3. Congratulations!! Hence forth you are tasked with tons of responsibility as children learn more from what they see, so your actions and your life style will be their best link and understanding in knowing Christ. The things you did carelessly before, you can do no more... i wish you God's blessing in your new endeavour
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  4. congratulations flavio -
    Here is some of the best advise you will ever get.
    1. Dedicate and give your sunday school teaching to God
    2. Seek Him on what to teach and then stay on that subject until He gives you something else.
    3. Always take what ever you are going to teach on and hold it up to Him and allow Him to edit anything you have written.
    4. Do Not at any time go in there with what you think you know.

    Just because God allows a position in life to come our way does not mean we are able to do it with out surrendering it and our all over to Him.
    If you go in there with all these changes and ideas then it will turn out to be just that - your ideas and ways However if you want to see Awesome and outstanding results.......give it to Him and let Him direct your every step.

    God Bless
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  5. Thank you so much for your support guys, it means a lot to me! :)

    Holycaves, I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking through your words. Yes, I have to set an example and keep a holy lifestyle and yes, I cannot go back to the mistakes of the past. May Jesus bless me and give me the strength to accomplish this new task.

    And I couldn't agree more with Fish Catcher Jim. All glory goes to God, I'm just an unworthy instrument of His will.
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  6. If you are going to teach young kids, you will find they have an attention span of "0". My son just recently began to teach the young kids at our Church, and he is using "prizes" as a motivation to learn. You can get really cheap prizes from the dollar tree, or even "Target" for almost nothing. Now when we go to Church all the kids surround him and give him things as a appreciation for his love he has shown them.
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  8. What age group are you teaching? I taught teens, and the coolest thing is when your lesson goes in a different direction than you had planned, which is totally different from high school. You really have to speak from the heart when they present you with a problem they are having at school or at home. All I could do was pray and study and trust God would use me to instill a desire to know Jesus.
    All the blessings in faith
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  9. Congratulation!
    Dig in and study, study and then study some more.
    Remember that the best teacher is a also a good student.
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  10. Congratulations! Flavio.

    God has put this wonderful gift into your hands and heart. I truly believe that God will use you in mighty ways, oh and you will learn a lot tooo :) because as you know a good teacher always studies the material so that they can present it solidly.
    We will be constantly lifting you up in prayer that the Holy Spirit always guide your words

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  11. I couldn't agree more.

    I want to keep it simple, though: Lord's Prayer, read the Bible, love Jesus and that's it.

    That's all they need and the possibility that I could be teaching them something false terrifies me.
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  12. Don't worry you'll be fine...
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  13. I couldn't agree more, i remember when a lady asked me if it was a sin to smoke during a sunday school youth talk i was invited to speak. I answered asking if it was appropriate to smoke in the church, i got an unanimous No for an answer. I then stated that since it was inappropriate to smoke in a building men used hands to build then didnt they think a temple built with God's own hands (our bodies) should be a more prohibited smoking zone? Till date I nod my head in respect for God cos humanly speaking i wouldn't have come up with such a reasonable response..
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  14. Remind yourself that when you renew your mind with the Word of God (Romans 12:2), and meditate (Joshua 1:8) on it day and night... you can trust The Holy Spirit to help you to be able to break things down into words that the teenagers can understand. God has anointed you with the gift to teach them, He will be there to do the work. Jesus said many times that it was the Father that dwelt within Him who did the work (John 14:10) so the same Holy Spirit that was with Him will lead you and guide you into all truth (John 14: 16-17, 26; 15:4-5, 15-16; 16:13-15) so grab ahold of His peace and allow Him to work through you.

    P.s. if you get the chance write out John 14-17 as one long letter from Jesus to you...very powerful
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