I'm Really Confused About What God Has Been Telling Me....

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  1. Ok well I'm 13 years old... And since last year I've had deep feelings for a guy in my class at school. This guy (I'll call him "M") Is a strong Christian and his dad is a pastor at the church I go too. Anyway about September last year my little brother had a soccer windup where his team receives prizes for the season. Well M's brother plays too and me and M were standing next to each other and I looked at M and he kind of smirked at me as if he knew something I didn't know... And then this piercing thought just went through my mind and it said "He's the one! He's the one!" I felt like I was going to fall over.

    The next thought I got was at a wedding I went to. 2 members in my church were getting married and the girl is one of my closest friends. Their wedding was held at a lake type place. Anyway so I was walking across a bridge to get to where the wedding was held and I saw M and I yelled out "Hey M!" And he said "Hey Naomi!!" Then I looked down but when I looked up again, M was staring at me and I heard a voice in my head say "Ecclesiastes 4 verse 9" when I got home that night I got out my bible and found the verse which says "Two people are better then one because they can reap more benefit, from their labour." What does this mean? I wondered... Is God trying to talk to me or something??

    My most recent thought was only a couple of days ago I went up to feed the chickens and I was like as I was doing it... I was just thinking about how i haven't seen M since school.... (We're on summer holidays) and how I hope he's at church tomorrow, then I started kind of talking to God jn my head and I said stuff like why do I have such strong feeling for M? Why do I like him so deeply? Why have you given me a verse Lord? What does this mean? and then this thought went through me I think it was God talking to me, because I really felt it as if it was an audible voice, it was deep and loud. And this time He said this "Naomi I know you love "M" because he is my plan for you now go, read, Solomon 2:16" and I read it and it says "my lover is mine and I am his, he grazes along the Lillie's"

    What I really need help with is understanding the 2 verses.... I'm really confused.
  2. Hi Naomi. Well written post!
    Eccl 4:9, Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.

    The answer is in Eccl 4:10-12.

    10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. 11 Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? 12 And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

    As for Song of Solomons. It is poetry written by Solomon on the virtues of love between a husband and wife. Don't read Song of Solomon 2:16 without reading Song of Solomon 3:5, 'I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please'.

    Naomi, God expects us to use common sense and discern. You need to grasp that it is not God's will for you to be married right now. Hence it is not God's will for you to get too involved with boyfriends right now. God will not give a sign to confuse you. These scriptures are not signs from God. You are reading into them. God expects us to have self-control and respect Him until we are ready for marriage. God wants you all to Himself! until you are about 20 or so ide say ;).
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  3. I do know I shouldn't marry now... I'm awfully to young and too busy with school to worry about that stage of my life..It's just God told me that M is His plan for me!
    I don't understand why on earth The Lord would tell me that when I can't even date yet! :( Do u think its possibly because a lot of my friends are getting into relationships with guys and maybe God is telling me no not you Naomi you save yourself???

    And why aren't this scriptures from God if he told me to read them?!? I heard him tell me to read them! He put the scriptures in my mind for me!

    Sorry if I sound rude... I'm just so frustrated and confused :/
  4. Yes. I think that is exactly what God is telling you.

    Thinking about it more, I think they are from God! Think of them like this...
    Song of Solomon teaches us how precious and special a close relationship in marriage is. Maybe God wants you to read all of it, not just one verse? Eccl 4:9 tells us the importance of good close Christian friends who will not lead us astray. When we have even one friend that respects God, we are very strong.
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  5. Thank you:) This is what I think, with Eccl 4:9 I think God is trying to tell me that M is a special guy considering a lot of the other boys in my class (some of them have girlfriends they want to go all the way with!), I think He's trying to tell me that M is a good choice of a friend because he is so close in his faith with The Lord :D as for marriage in Solomn I think... He is telling me that considering the guys in my class M is the perfect desricption of a Godly man to choose for me to marry ONE DAY.... ;)

    But I still don't know about why he said M is His plan for me?? But that's ok! :)
    Thankyou for your help!
  6. I think you are missing what I am saying a little ;).

    My advice to you would be to not continue or pursue any relationship other then casual friends with this guy. If anything abstain for a while because of your feelings. Find good Christian girlfriends. If he is the right guy God will tell you much clearer that he is the one when you are older.
  7. I think kings advice is sound. Crushes at your age, are normal, but be careful not to dive in to deep it will just lead to pain and hurt. I would wait until your older, before pursuing any kind of romantic relationship. Is he the one? maybe, maybe not. Either way, it wont hurt anything to wait to act on such feelings until your much older.
  8. But can't I just be good friends with him?? If you met him you'd unserstand! Hes way different to the other guys in my class and he's really nice and caring :)

    I don't want to act on my feelings I just want to know if God is tying to tell me something....
  9. the problem, with these kind of feelings, is that if you hang out with them, they will intensify, and bring upon temptation. I would keep my distance, at least until the feelings subside and you can remain friends without experiencing them. I doubt God is telling you to rush out into a relationship with this guy, marriage is something that is meant for life, theres no sense rushing into it, and theres no sense getting romantically involved unless marriage is in the plan.
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  10. The thing is though we can't hang out alone.... And I don't want to get into a relationship with him, I just want to clearly know and understand what God seems to be telling me...
  11. maybe the verses just popped into your head on their own. Or maybe for a future event. Best advice I can say is pray about it, and read the Bible-and not just verses that pop into your head, but rather start doing an in depth search in the Bible, especially the passages that deal with relationships and marriage.
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  12. Ok...... :D thanks!
  13. Echoing what KingJ said, you have time - you don't have to figure this all out right now. Be wise and prudent in your relationships and continue studying the Word of God and living it. This will prepare you for the time you get more seriously focused on romance and marriage. It will help you to be a good girlfriend/fiance'/wife and it will give you discernment.

    Is "M" The One? We can't really say. Since we haven't gotten a confirmation of that being God's word to you, we speak from our personal experiences and the experiences we have witnessed around us, which is why us older folks urge caution. If "M" is The One for you, God will confirm that at the right time. I do know that 13 was about the age at which I really began to get serious about my faith, and hopefully this is what is happening in M's life. He, too, will need time to grow and mature in the Lord. I know that, despite my earnestness, I had a lot of growing to do at that age. Still do, when it comes to that.:D

    If God impressed those particular verses on your mind, you can have confidence that that is only the beginning of the things He will reveal to you and teach you. He will bring understanding and context as you continue in His Word and listen to His voice.
  14. Hey, Naomi! Ten years ago, when I was 13, I thought God told me the very same thing...that I was going to marry a guy. Turns out, it was only my wishful thinking! I don't even talk to the guy anymore! As girls, we can get very wishful thinking when it comes to relationships, huh?

    I'm not doubting what you feel....at all. But, I do know that we sometimes mistake our flesh as the voice of God. I'll give you an example. I had two girls come up to me last year at school. One girl said, "Katie, can you pray for me? God told me that Scott (changed his name) is the one for me." And I said, "Sure, I'll pray." Two days later, another girl came to me and said the same exact thing. They both swore that they heard from God and that this guy is the one for them because God said so. Well, one of them or both of them would have to be wrong. Turns out, both were wrong. And wouldn't you think that since we all go to Bible school, that we'll hear correctly from God all the time? No. Because we all mishear God from time to time.

    I'm encourage you to pray about this. Pray that God really speaks to you and that He makes himself clear to you. And ask Him to confirm it. Not through M, though. Because since you like him so much, anything he will do will seem like it's a confirmation. But, it's not. Let it be confirmed through a Pastor, or someone you look up to who's a Christian, and someone that's older. Because if God does speak, it's usually confirmed.

    So pray. And just seek out friendship right now.

    If it's meant to be and if it is God, then it'll happen during His time. If not, God has better plans for you.
  15. Thanks everyone:) ur all really kind and helpful and I love your advice about this :D its really helping me! If it wasn't for you guys telling me all this and explaining it to me.... Well I'd probably be going completely down the wrong path right now! ;) haha

    Thanks again! :)
  16. Anytime! ;)
  17. :LOL: Hes the one! Hes the one!Hey i have news for you. Your only 13! i wouldn't listen to those voices in my head. I remember one time i was 12 and fell madly in love with my cousin, yeah i believe she was the one too, no voices told me but i just knew. Turns out i was so wrong. :confused:

    Satan is the great deceiver. Be careful.
  18. I'll rephrase that. First i dont want to scare you just speak to your parents about the voices. Hearing voices in your head is early signs of schizophrenia, tho at age 13 it could be more an imagination than anything else usually it affects people aged 20 - 26. But if these voices are always popping up i would be concerned and dont take for granted its God speaking to you. I have known many people with this sickness. They can live out a near normal life with Medication.

    recently a schizophrenia chopped the head of a flatmate. Asked why he did it? God told him too.
  19. Hearing God is a beautiful thing.
    1. You could be misinterpreting or you could not. Just because God shows you something doesn't mean it will happen in 5months... Check out the bible... There are plenty of stories where God promised things and they received it 20 years down the line.
    2. Submit your feelings to God. If he is talking to you about this... THERE is a reason. Regardless of if it's your husband or not.... God sees something in your heart that needs addressing.

    I pray you continue to grow in your faith to God. He is very pleased to have a 13 year old seeking his voice and his counsel. With a heart like that.... You will NEVER lose your way.

    Proverbs 3:6 "In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."
  20. This is your inner mind creating a picture you desire. Your mind is using things it knows about the bible to give you the confidence you lack to act on your deepest feelings for this person.

    Bite the bullet and tell him you like him.

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