"I'm Okay. I'm Cute and Fluffy!"

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  1. "I'm Okay. I'm Cute and Fluffy!"

    Sorry. Watch Lilo & Stitch. You'll get it.

    Anyway, most of this is copied and pasted from my MySpace Profile at http://www.myspace.com/calminaion .

    I'm a military brat whose father retired in 1997 in Colorado Springs. I was never well accepted in school for my disability, but that is pain that I have moved past to become a better person. I truly believe that which does not kill you can either make you stronger, or can make you bitter, and I have been down both roads in the continual process of becoming who I am.

    I currently live in Denver, Colorado, and I have a MySpace in order to meet new people. I enjoy meeting people who make me a better person, and aren't looking for superficial acquaintances, so if you're interested in having a devoted (albeit very human) friend such as myself, feel free to drop me a line. I'm a pretty laid back person most of the time, I enjoy a good laugh, but more than anything I do my best to do right by my friends, and I care very deeply about those whom I call my friends.

    There's not much to me, really. I can spend a lot of time talking about myself and what I want, but really what I'm looking for is someone who will invest the time in getting to know me. Like I said, drop me a line and maybe today you'll gain a friend.


    My name is Rob. I was born on Easter in 1985 at an Air Force Base in Illinois. I currently live in Denver. I have brown hair, blue eyes, I'm about six feet tall, a very slender build, with an Irish-Scottish-English heritage. My left ear is pierced with a small hoop, and I don't have any tattoos yet.

    I don't really have a favorite band, because my taste in music is so broad. I like a little bit of everything, including country. Probably the only genres I have a general distaste for is blues and jazz, but even in those there are exceptions.

    I love to watch movies, with my favorites being Last Samurai, 300, Titanic, Black Hawk Down, and a comedy called Noises Off. My favorite cartoon is an anime called Appleseed, but it's not one many have heard of. My favorite TV show is Firefly (a show that doesn't exist anymore), but I don't watch a whole lot of television considering I work seventy-five hours a week.

    Speaking of work, let me tell you about what I do. I'm a gas station attendant (that's a fancy name for a cashier), and I work as a pizza delivery driver. Both jobs pay the bills, but I really want to get into ministry in the church. I feel called to work with youth in a counter-culture environment, like gangs, punk/goth culture, and the like.

    As for the bad side of me, I am a smoker. I would like to quit some day, but I know that I can't quit for anyone else but myself and the Lord. It's something I'm not ready to give up, and I get very touchy when people try to push quitting on me. I know it's something I need to do, so I appreciate those who realize that and won't give me lectures I've already heard.

    I do also drink, but only socially, never to get drunk, and most often in appropriate places. The last and only time I was drunk was on accident, when I did not know my level of tolerance. I am not much of a heavy alcohol man, but I do enjoy a wine cooler with a meal or the occasional beer.

    To my lament, I am also an eight-year pornography addict, but the Lord is working leaps and bounds in my life to rid me of that terrible thing. I have not looked at pornography in a very long time, and do my best to be on my guard.

    I also swear sometimes, when I'm upset. If I'm in pain, I do apologize, but "Oh gee golly miss Martha" isn't going to be the first thing out of my mouth. I also have made progress in this area of my life, but I'm afraid it's even harder to quit than smoking is.

    I am a single man, living with three roommates for at least another year and a half unless something dramatic happens. That "something" might stand between 4' 10" and 5' 5", with any color of hair (particularly red), any color of eyes (but possibly green and/or blue), with a slender build, a great smile, humility, kindness, and intelligence. That something might take more pride in intelligence than appearance, but neither hurts ;). That "something" might be a Proverbs 31 woman that loves the Lord more than anything else but isn't the kind of person that thinks the world is hers to correct. I could appreciate someone like that very much.

    Other than that, I'm an open book, so feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  2. Hello!!!!!!!! That's a lot to take all in, so Hello!!!!!!!!

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