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I'm not cool

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by violet, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. I'm not cool

    This guy is fabulous and I can't find many videos!

    Scott Krippayne
  2. This is funny and if you listen to the words you'll understand~

    I grew up with everyone making fun of my hair, I drove an El Camino and no one knows how to spell my last name!!
  3. :D Thats a great song and AMV.
  4. Pad, funny because I didn't know the song went to a Sonic video and my son loves Sonic!
  5. My dad had two El Caminos while growing up. THEY ROCK!!!!!!
  6. Mine was green with a white top!
  7. Yep, God loves us no matter what! HALLELUJAH!

    My brother had a black El Camino, and we all thought it was pretty COOL! :p
  8. My dad's first one was green (way before I was born)

    His second one was white with blue interior. The one I remember and loved.
  9. No one can ever spell my last name:D
  10. Mine is easy and people can't spell it!

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