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  1. I was recently approved and look forward to joining the discussions. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this fellowship! A little bit about me: I came to know Christ as a little girl when I realized what He had done for me. That was 56 years ago, and, of course, I've traveled many a mile, some roads bumpy, some smooth as glass. In my everyday life, I seldom have the opportunity to enjoy the company of other Christians, so I look forward to visiting and sharing here. Thanks for having me!
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  2. Hi Karen, wipe your feet, and come on in the water is fine!!!
    I am sure you have heard that expression, "the more the merrier" :)
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  3. Welcome!! :D

    Take a few moment if you haven't already and take a look at the Community Rules
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  4. Hi Karen. Welcome to Christian Forum Site! Great to have you here!
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  5. Welcome Karen! Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance! Look forward to seeing you around in here :)
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  6. Welcome to CFS!

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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  7. Thanks for the greetings. I feel welcome and hope to make contributions as appropriate.
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  8. Hello Karen and welcome to CFS. I'm sure through your wealth of experience in the Lord that you'll have so many great things to say and no doubt you will bless others. Blessings from Scotland!
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  9. Hello Karen and welcome. Feel free to post my friend! Do not be shy at all!
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  10. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  11. Welcome! Your life sounds a little bit like mine. Nearly 60 years for me now. Hope you make yourself at home here. Sue
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