I'm New Here

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by God's_Child, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I'm New Here

    Hello, dear brothers and sisters in Christ!
    I'm new (today is the first day I'm here). I'm just learning English and I hope to improve it through communication with you. I want to find Christian
    friends among you. Will you help me? God bless you!!!
  2. Welcome and I'm very happy to meet you!
    I think you will find many good friends here~
    God bless you and your family!
  3. Welcome to CFS.
  4. Very nice to see you here at CFS. We don't know what your age is, but did you witness any of the Soviet Union surpression of religion before December 1991?

    We are glad that you are here and you will find many persons here eager to assist you.

    God bless and Приветствовать .
  5. Violet, thank you very much! I enjoy being a member of CFS!
    I'm from Russia and I'm just learning English. So I ask you to forgive me my mistakes in English. God bless you too!
  6. Thank you, Jon-Marc!
  7. Thank you, Shannon!
    I'm very glad to be here! For the first time I sometimes have difficulties in using the forums, but I believe, that I can do everything through Him who gives me strength!
    God bless you!
  8. Pastor Gary!
    Thank you very much! C??????!
    As for me, I was born in the family of faithful parents, so they taught me to believe in Jesus Christ from my childhood.
  9. There is a good chance that you and our member 'Adoptivemommy' may be able to chat in Russian if you wish.

    Очень хороший иметь Вас обоих как члены здесь
  10. Thanks. I'd like to communicate to you in English to improve it!
    God bless you!
  11. That is a very good idea.

    Also, I have heard of the Museum of History and Culture of the Middle Kama Region in your city and the nice amusement park and rides for the children.

    Your city has some very interesting history.
  12. Welcome

    Please feel free to chat with anyone here. :)
  13. Pastor Gary!
    I'm very surprised that you heard of my city! How have you learnt about it???
    Really, Sarapul is a nice green old city with it's own history. It has got the Museum of History and Culture of the Middle Kama Region and parks. But the main sight of our city is the Kama River.
  14. Change

    In my earlier years as a Pastor, I had an interest in the Communist Socialist core of Soviet Government because of what it was doing to surpress the religious freedoms of people of the USSR in those days. Then, in 1991, when the Republic was split apart, I did research for another 3 years on how each former Soviet country was dealing with religion issues and your city of Sarapul was one of the centers of religious change that I studied. I am happy for everyone in the former Soviet countries who have a bit easier time these days to worship mostly as they please. God bless.
  15. Nice to meet you!! So far your English sounds great!!
  16. Nice to here that!
    I thought that my city is one of the most unknown cities. Even in Moscow, the capital of Russia, many people don't know of my town. That's why I was so much surprised that someboby heard of Sarapul in America!!!
    Thank you! Pray for my city!
    God bless you!
  17. Hello and welcome!

    I'm the one Pastor Gary was talking about, however I can't speak any Russian! I was born and lived in Romania, city of Ploiesti until I was 24. I was there when the communist regime was overthrown. Welcome to the Forum.

  18. hi to God's Child

    hi to you! i'm new here too! i'm sure you will get a lot of help :)
  19. Thank you!!!

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