I'm New Here and Want to Say Hi!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by marcat1702003, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. I'm New Here and Want to Say Hi!

    My name is Mary. I belong to a couple of christian forums. I was searching tonight and found you.

    I am looking for fellowship and friends. I'm a wife, mom, grandma and great-grandma. Most of my time is spent taking care of my home and family. My youngest son just finished high school (he was homeschooled), and I am suddenly quite lonely.

    I love to study the Word but don't like to argue or fight.
  2. Hello Mary, welcome to our community. We are small and growing. I don't like dont like to argue either, so we are trying to these forums as friendly as possible.

    Feel free to discuss anything and pm me for help.

    God bless.
  3. Welcome

    Mary - Welcome to our Christian family... very glad that you found us... :)
  4. Mary,
    Welcome! I hope you stop by Family and Parenting are of the forum and share some of your wisdom and experiences!

    God bless,

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