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  1. hello everyone long time no talk. there are lots of new people here, thats nice. I am busy at work and school and so i didnt have much time learning more about my faith. so im trying to make a facebook page so i can get serious again lol. im making it so i can learn and tell people about Jesus at the same time. If you guys can help me that would be great, what do you guys think of the idea.

    facebook page name: Jesus Disciples = post pictures and videos of famous christians/saints or of any kind of christian dinomination (founders/scientists/saints etc.. and maybe also actors/artists )
    group of people : Any kind of people who are interested on our faith
    mission: to inspire people, to get their feet at the door, let people know about this people that are faithful

    hows the picture on my DP as the facebook main pic
    let me know what you guys think, should i continue this or not...
    thank you guys and God bless

    add me on facebook : alehandro pascual (changed my name lol) /
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  3. I like your motivation, however, if your goal is to get serious about your faith, your not going to do that with a facebook page. While thats great for outreach-it really is, its not necessarily great for your faith-the best way to get more serious, is spending time in the word and in prayer.
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  4. I agree w/ this, I spend alot of time on the net..even a christian forum site can be an idol if you put it before God ..or give it too much time.... which is why Im logging off now XD
  5. Evangelism has to start somewhere with a small root whatever the idea is... Just a thought :)

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