I'm just like a golf tee

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  1. I'm just like a golf tee


    Come to me I need you,
    See my heart from afar,
    I walk around looking for you,
    There you are,
    The love of my life,
    Help me as I'm in strife,
    Lift me up,
    You see all,
    Do you hear when I call?
    Between the shadows you walk by,
    Stop awhile you'll see me try,
    Many a thing,
    Oh! how they sting,
    Some cling onto me,
    I'm just like a golf tee,
    With the weight of the ball on my shoulders,
    How much more can I hold,
    Come now take me out of the cold,
    Put your arms around me,
    Warm me, comfort me,
    Don't you see where I am,
    All broken down and in pain,
    I'm like the Lamb that was slain,
    Open my heart and I will hear your soft voice,
    I will rise up and rejoyce.

    written by Ramon 20/2/2010

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