I'm in a better mood now.

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  1. I'm in a better mood now.

    Does anybody have some happy worship songs about healing they'd like to share? Thanks. :)
  2. I am the God that healeth thee.

    I am the Lord your healer.

    I sent my word and healed your dis-ease.

    I am the Lord your healer.

    (Awesome song . . . don't know the rest of it . . . but what I do know is pretty awesome nonetheless)

  3. Yes, very awesome indeed. Everything about God is just awesome. What better word is there to describe God? Awesome.

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  4. always ask people who say 0 my god.who is 0.?
  5. Thanks Dusty. I haven't heard that it a very long time. I LOVE that song.

    He not only heals us physically. He heals us spiritually as well.

  6. I remember that guy off of television... I remember him speaking about when he was saved as a child and talked about long hair and how it should be cut short for guys. I didn't listen as I was into the rocker type of thing... Then I read it in Corinthians... So I had to cut my hair. :(

    What's his name? I think I will want to find more of his teachings and music.
  7. Amen my dear . He is our healer .
  8. I like this one too ....

  9. I've never heard that one before . . . I LOVE IT!
  10. His name is Benny Hinn.
  11. Very nice song, Dusty.
  12. [video]http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=x0XFqyGMNMU&feature=PlayList&p=9011B3E08314FEE6&playnext=1&index=10[/video]​

    One of my all time favorites!

  14. I think it is music night . I also want to listen to music .

  15. This my favourite .... How Great is OUr God ..... Praise His name .

  16. Uh oh... I realized something. Will post a thread for it right a way.
  17. Very nice music.
  18. Here's Jeff's church!!! (the owner of our forum here) :smiley90:

  19. Nice...

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