I'm engaged!

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  1. I'm engaged!

    :)It's official between me and him but we're not telling anyone until we can afford proper engagement rings. He bought me a 'promise' ring on Friday to prove to me his intentions and that he will never hurt me again. He proposed to me with it. :)

    I'm now engaged to Steven, who I was with for over 3 years, then he went through a kind of bad point in which he broke my heart and was cruel to me, he broke up with me in november 08. But after finding out the things he had been keeping inside since he was a child I forgave him because I understand so much more about why he did those things.

    The boyfriend I had after he dumped me and I mutualy broke up and are still on good terms, and then I got back together with Steven earlier this month.

    He has changed completely for the better. The word of knowledge my mum had for me in november has truly been fulfilled; he is a Christian who cherishes me. For the first time since I've ever known him he makes me feel cherished, I know he truly loves me and this is no longer a one sided relationship. I am so happy!

    Now I totally understand why things happened the way they did. I now know why God allowed me to get hit by a car the day after Steven dumped me, if I wasn't hit I wouldn't have left uni and moved back to Kent and got this job.
    I understand that Steven had to dump me in order to realise he really does love me, and for me to realise how much I love him. God gave me a prophetic dream the night before he dumped me and it came true. Not only that but the only memory God allows me to have of being hit by the car is the second I cried out "help me Jesus" in my mind as I got hit. He did help me and he healed me, God is great!

    Everything makes sense now and I am so thankful to God for teaching, helping me and blessing me like He has.

    I'm ashamed to admit that since getting dumped/hit by a car I kind of turned my back on God. Not entirley intenionally but it was such a low point for me that I put my relationship with God on hold, when I should have been turning to Him for guidance. Now I need to get my relationship with God back on track and things will be great! :-D
  2. Congrats!! :)
    I hope you'll place G-d above all else,for that's when your life will be truly blessed beyond your wildest imaginations~ :D
  3. Congradulations, and I do pray that he is the one that the LORD has sent to you. Pray about all things and let the LORD guide you cause HE will NEVER do us harm!
    I am so happy to hear you are putting the LORD back at the top of your life!! Always keep HIm there and your path will be staight!
  4. Thank you both!:)
    Yes I'm definately gonna try to make God my top priority, because it's always when I put other things first that those things disappear or let me down. God never fails us!:)
  5. Congratulations!!! :) :) :)

    I am happy for you both.
    As you enter into this Godly institution I would recommend participating in a pre-marital counseling class.

    What you are both about to do is a gift from God and a pre-marital class will help you both to lift up your marriage to God, and continue in your marriage as one devoted to Him.

    Does your pastor require these classes prior to the ceremony? :confused:
  6. Thanks for the tip that's a good idea. :) I don't have a pastor right now, actually I haven't been to church in months as I have been moving homes a bit and now I work most sundays. That's something I'll have to get sorted out asap!
  7. I'm very happy to hear you say that.
    Now that the two of you have decided to move forward with this, don't forget to make God the center of your decision.

    I offer pre-marital counseling so I will share with you the first lesson I always begin with.....

    Get two cords or pieces of rope.
    One represents you, the other represents your fiance.

    Now,..... braid them together.

    I'll wait.................................





    How did you do? Did it work? Did they stay together?

    Now, add a third cord.
    This one represents Christ.

    Try braiding them together now.

    Ecclesiastes 4:12 May God richly bless you both. :)
  8. Congratulations! Im really happy for you...Although im really sorry i don't have any advice as im not experienced when it comes to relationships..But Put you trust in God and take all the matters to him..He is the comforter and the Prince of Peace in you guys lives..

    All the best ;)
  9. God's blessings to you both ... I am sure that things will work out just fine and do keep us posted of when the big day will be !!!


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