If you really want to pick a fight with the enemy this is the way to do it .

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  1. If you really want to pick a fight with the enemy this is the way to do it .

    It says in the gospel of Matthew that the gates of hell will not prevail against us . and in James to resist the enemy and they will flee . and furthermore in proverbs that by doing what is right you resist those who rebel .

    1) If someone insults you . thank them .
    2) If someone physically abuses you . pray for them . and continue to love them as if nothing happened . continue to pray "Father, do not hold this against them"
    3) If someone does something to disturb you psychologically pray to God to use that circumstance to transform you to be more like Him . and be what the bible says love is to this person .
    4) If people want nothing to do with you because of Jesus or something He taught that you're applying (and no bad reason) then leap for joy dance around like crazy even if they're supposed to be Christians this really irks the enemy that might be influencing them .
    5) When people tell you that you cannot do something because it is "impossible" .. begin praying out loud or sing (if you have a good voice for writing, surprisingly this is even better ;) ) loud praise songs to God thanking Him for what He is about to do . then go and do what they said was impossible .
    6) If people talk about rules . talk about grace .
    7) After talking about grace and trust . demonstrate love the bible talks about . then say what it is . if the premise of the conversation doesn't come from love . then it is not of God, because God is love . always stay true to the love premise .

    and i guarantee . eventually you will have plenty of enemies you can see and cannot see just because you followed some simple instructions and Jesus Christ .


    8) if you discern someone is acting out of pride . be humble or humble yourself to a ridiculous level .
    9) if you discern someone is being really hateful . then love them continue to be patient, kind, not seeking your own, laying down your life .. etc .
    10) If someone is being manipulative . let them continue to manipulate, let me explain: you are first of all doing the public a service by exposing a manipulative person by letting them obviously manipulate you . second: this is another form of "turning the other cheek" as Paul said regarding "not taking your fellow brothers and sisters to court" .. "why not be defrauded?" in summary we take the abuse . God gets the glory .
    11) If someone is being very legalistic and unyielding regarding their opinion on something and expects you to do what they say . just do it in a very easy to be entreated manner . if they ask you to give up your faith, do not act defensively . just say something to the effect that .. that is an equally valid opinion and divert the conversation . if they press the issue bring up something about religious freedom legislation if it exists in your country as per Paul's example of leveraging his Roman citizenship to draw even more attention to Christ . If such laws do exist in your region follow this same example . otherwise, turn the other cheek and continue to let them keep their opinion and you keep yours .
    12) Since some are into verbal taunts . i find the most effective one is on this premise: The devil is not capable of the worst kind of evil . he is not made in the image (or likeness) of God . he needs to use humans to do the worst kind of evil . he must stoop down and try and corrupt us so that we accomplish what he is completely incapable of doing himself . that really usually gets the enemy camp really really angry because that is the core of the matter and it brings out their feelings of inferiority . in these situations . stay in the grace of God and continue to love people no matter what they do . as .. when the enemy attacks some people are vulnerable and they will attack you through them . i've seen entire forums thrown into disarray for months because of the fallout of such things done in a spirit of pride .

    So the moral of the story is . don't pick a fight with the enemy . our work is to remove their living space from all creation . and as their habitat is removed like cornered animals we do not need to go to them . they will come to us .

    That is what i have found helpful hope it helps you also .

    God bless .

  2. Thanks Michael.
  3. Awesome post, Michael!
    And I especially love:

    Man, as my Dad abused me, it was HARD to pray for him. I never thought of actually praying for my earthly Dad. Maybe I have to start! :) It's very hard to love someone who has hurt you...emotionally or physically. But God loves my Dad. And He's forgiven my Dad. Thanks for the post. Very inspiring!
  4. Thank you for sharing Katie :) Encouraged :)

    I recall what one of my teachers told me . if you have a problem forgiving someone . just start praying for them and keep praying for them . after a while you'll find yourself loving them . i think that's one of the few things he said that really stuck with me .
  5. This is good work and very true, something I really need to work on!
    But I am sure with Gods help I will achieve it.
    I got ripped off recently 10$ - Yes only 10$ but the company ignored me entirely.
    I was going to go off at them in anger, then post bad reviews all over the internet about them. but I stopped and did something along the lines of this post.
    "Its very rude to ignore someone but you know that"
    "I dont want the money you took but I would like you to give it to a charity for starving children"
    "God bless you"

    I never got a reply but I am sure an action like this is far better than throwing abuse at them!!!
    I have not carried this with me since I done that, before I did that I was so mad, but after I sent that reply I was at peace with it. - It was over, out of my hands and all I had done was throw love at the person that was being rude to me.

    (They didnt steal the money, it got sent to them by accident and they wouldn't give it back. - It was just morally wrong.)
    Forgive, forget and move on to better things :)
    Not trying to boast about it, just thought its a good example of the point you are making with your first post And I just wanted to confirm how true!!!
    However 1000$, would I be able to do that?? I hope so and if I cant now I pray that God will help me be able too!!
  6. I dont need to pick a fight with him, he's around too much trying to pick a fight with me and I have to chase him off!
  7. exactly! yet some people will not hesitate to slander a celestial as the scripture says .
  8. What do you do though say if a spouse or a family member starts to get really abusive? And then it just gets worse and worse? I certainly would not want to be under the same roof as that person...don't wanna get to the point where your life is in danger.
  9. I'm not perfect at this either . and when applying it i take into consideration how it will affect those around me . some cannot handle the spiritual realm being flipped upside down consistenly all day long for weeks on end . and sometimes i cannot either .

    but i have applied stuff like this in situations you have spoken of . but it all boils down to trusting God and using the discernment he gave you . no formula will work all the time . each situation has many instructions from the scriptures . use the one the Spirit leads you to follow .
  10. Having the personal experience , I can say that you do a lot of praying ... and another thing I found is not to answer them back as this just excalates the anger . Yes, sometimes I was afraid but I also trusted God that He would deliver me and would not allow His child to be in danger .
  11. 1 Corinthians 7:10And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from her husband: 11 But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife.

    When someone is being physically abusive continually they need to be separated for awhile until the abuser gets some help. Then when they are healed or delivered of this, they reconcile. Whether male or female is the abuser, a child or adult involved, the principle would still be the same.
  12. Sometimes that is nice on paper but when you are involved in an abusive situation it is a different story cause the abuser also threatens with all kinds of tactics . In my case I was told if I ever left , he would kidnap my child and I would never see him again and I was well aware that he would do it being as he was from another country . And there were other threats.

    I also could not tell any one as his family would not believe me and I was too embarassed to tell my family and thought it was all my fault cause that's how sometimes , low self esteme works when some one is constantly putting you down .

    Anyways I don't really want to go into more detail but to say that today I have the peace that only God can give and although sometimes I am lonely ... I know I am never alone cause Jesus Christ is right here with me . Praise His name .
  13. I believe that is what we should try to do according to the scripture. But not everyone will mend their ways or get help, so that is a unique situation, the exception not the rule. :)
  14. Agreed . God always operates according to His lovingkindness . just read the Old Testament .

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