If you own a laptop.....

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  1. If you own a laptop.....

    This has come up in the past couple of weeks, being the fact that I do work as an IT Security Analyst, this is something you should know about laptop hard drive encryption. Mostly you may be using this in a business/work environment in order to protect sensitive data (oh how we hear about how laptops get stolen and their full of SSN numbers) or you may have this already set up on your personal laptop.

    But now it appears there are now ways to circumvent the encryption, the link provided is a description from what researchers at Princeton were able to do.

    Hackszine.com: Extracting encryption keys after a cold boot

    Not hard to do.....
  2. Were there are locks there are picks.:eek:
  3. If someone steals my laptop, I just pray. It happened to me once before. They needed it more than me, obviously. I forgive them for taking my material posessions...but if they asked me nicely I would have considered just giving it to them and they wouldn't have had to sin to obtain it. If they come back, I'll give them the cords that go along with it.:p
  4. They steal my lap top all they will get is E-sword and this forum;)
    May it bless them unto salvation:D

    oh. . . yea and windows 2000 in an eight year old Dell box :rolleyes:and a cheep wireless router.:p

  5. Amen, Cliff! Amen!:D:D:D

    Could be the most valuable thing that they'd ever "steal" in their lives, hee hee.

    (hopefully they'd bring it back after they learned something)
  6. I only use my laptop for surfing the net in the evening--no purchases and no sensitive info given out.
  7. Thats true!!!

    If some one wants to access your information they will ether by the knowledge they have or by getting some one else to get it for them :(
  8. Someone broke into a friend of mines car and stole his leather clad bible a while back- we both found that fairly humorous and prayed they would read it.:)
  9. You know, if someone stole this laptop, I'd lose everything? All my work, my phone numbers, my schedule, addresses. I keep my journal on this machine so they'd have all of my secrets for the past...oh, six years or so? Bank information, passwords and combinations to everything. Social security number, account numbers, photos, etc.

    My life's so boring, though, they'd probably pay me to take it all back, hah!:D
  10. If they stole my laptop they'd do the same thing I did let someone steal it from them... I use my PDA more than laptop, now if someone stole that I would then be in trouble.

    Technology moves fast, and it looks like its time for a new way to secure this again.
  11. HUH?

    You want to read, and obey God's word, so you steal something in order to do it???

    lol, that is a little humorous.

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